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Peggy Sue’s Diner – On the road between LA and Vegas (sortie Calico Ghost Town)

A San Francisco, it was a lot that laughter US & rsquo; they speak of road trip. C & rsquo; the dream is a little French and they find it cute that & rsquo; we have wanted to take their roads under the sun like being in a movie.

J & rsquo; booked a car at random on Hertz (the least expensive) and I found myself at the wheel & rsquo; a convertible Mustang that makes the light as in the films of Kékes. C & rsquo; was great fun, because I drive like a grandma, motorists had so m & rsquo; insulting in their car !

The journey along the Highway 1 which I told you was worth it. J & rsquo; m & wanted rsquo; stop every 5 km to enjoy the view, The beaches, seals, c & rsquo; is a great memory.

And then, roads from Los Angeles to Vegas, the desert, the diner on the road, the French one is cute to make movies :)

If you want to do the same c & rsquo; is simple, you will not need to take much & rsquo; advance (except perhaps for stops in cool places like Big Sur). You take a rental car there and roll youth (Recommended ultra GPS option to manage the outputs 16 tract).

Point Lobos (10)
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One of the most beautiful places in the world <3

Further north of Big Sur, always through the Highway 1 we stopped at Carmel Point Lobos.

The first is a very very nice bourgeois town on the coast (former stronghold of Clint Eastwood who was the mayor), very at & rsquo; English with beautiful flowers wooden houses and hundreds of shops (there is even an Anthropology).

Point Lobos meanwhile is one of the most beautiful landscapes that I & rsquo;'ve seen in my life : at sunset, with the mist above the & rsquo; water, the rock elephant seals off, otters diving at the edge of & rsquo; water and seals resting on the beach… Sublime !


Point Lobos Reserve

Big Sur (10)
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You Maillot, Short H&M

San Francisco was the first step d & rsquo; a sacred journey, then heading south on for a little road trip along the Higway 1 along the coast about 300km with incredible landscapes. But I & rsquo; back there :)

We decided to s & rsquo; stop a few days in Big Sur to visit the area : beaches and Pfeiffer Park. Booked this little shack a bit at the last moment on airbnb : I don & rsquo; d have ever seen & rsquo; also nice place, nestled in the trees, to 10 minutes from the beach. Jolie surprise that this travel “Sugar Schack” :)

The weather was very changeable, we could easily lose 15 ° d & rsquo; day to day & rsquo; another, I'm past the swimsuit sweater + hood. C & rsquo; was pretty funny.

Beach Big Sur

Quite impressive with its caves and huge waves that come crashing on the rocks. Do not be deceived, the sea must be at 10 ° even when it's super beautiful.

Le pfeiffer Park

Short Topshop, Pull the cotton Counter, Asos hood

There are lots of walks to do there, a small plane is distributed very well done to & rsquo; entry, c & rsquo; is as simple as any.

Instead I recommend a walk on weekdays to be quiet and see animals : hinds remain alongside cushy paths c & rsquo; is super exciting.

The Sugar Schack and surroundings