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Small figurine in a d & rsquo shop; Akihabara

In Japan j & rsquo; was with a friend who collects toys, so we did a lot of shops looking for rare pearls plastic based robots transformers and ninja turtles.

I told you that Japan is the country of merchandising ? J & rsquo; I almost cracked 100 Once all objects specials harry potter : snitch, baguette, tomes… And I & rsquo; was able to leave without any Sylvanian.

By cons j & rsquo; chopper was full of creamy key doors and some Disney figurines. Narmol.

Shops to buy toys and little things kawaii :

Kiddyland on Omotesando
Nakano broadway
– The area d & rsquo; Akihabara

On this I finish my little report Tokyo, j & rsquo; hope you enjoyed it !

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Heaven on earth <3

Well I'm going to keep it simple : everything absolutely everything that & rsquo; we eat is delicious in Japan. J & rsquo;'m crazy enough gustatory memories (good like surprises, but c & rsquo; is pretty funny).

Small combini s where you & rsquo; buys a meal for € 5 for very good Isakaya tokyo, j & rsquo;'ve made lots of discoveries and it's more a part of the trip for me.

After it will be difficult to give you addresses for I & rsquo; have more visual cues that & rsquo; else : enter the round thing, 5Floor, the hall, to do that…

Finally, if we walk in the streets is easy to find good places. I remember that in this tower taito (must take the & rsquo; elevator to the & rsquo; input of the d & rsquo room; arcade)there was a great izakaya where knees eat overlooking a garden.

But you will see even if you go eat sushi, the first place where you enter will be a thousand times better than the sushi that & rsquo; eat in Paris.

So some mini tips :

– Taste all c & rsquo; is fun
– To eat cheap, go to a family mart, 7 eleven or other combini and test the & rsquo; blind dishes, the onigiri, and desserts. You'll have surprises, but c & rsquo; is cheap and c & rsquo; s funny.
– Go to a sushi restaurant with trays that rotate, they will explain how this works seeing gaijin your heads
– Do you some good Izakaya it worth

And finally you have to test like crazy Iskaya & rsquo; izakaya Ninja, hospital, Alcatraz. C & rsquo; is not always great but good c & rsquo; is completely wtf (you will find addresses here). Or a maid café.

And most especially a (= `~E '=) cat café (= `~E '=)

We did it because my friends were sure that I & rsquo; love the concept. C & rsquo; was crazy. The principle : pay to spend a limited time in a room with cats. Gender We paid € 12 a half hour in a cat coffee Shibuya (look here about street view c & rsquo; is on the 3rd floor of the red building) (if you are lost (This will probably happen) you will not put away and you ask “neko kochi” ).

Upon arriving you are made off shoes, Wash hands 2 times, it tells you that & rsquo; do not touch the belly cat with a pink collar, they give you tea and shoo. He reigns in there a kindergarten feel to the & rsquo; nap time, people whisper, cats reign supreme and you sulk accepting gently caressed you the. C & rsquo; is so funny !

Cats are definitely the masters of the world…

*Yum yum in Japanese

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Oh no no no I don & rsquo; have not yet finished with Tokyo, this trip was so crazy that I & rsquo; still have plenty of advice to give you.

C & rsquo; was there soon 3 months and review these pictures makes me quite nostalgic, It's certain, I will return to Japan as soon as I can, this country still fascinates me that & rsquo; before.

Meanwhile I made you petite list 10 cool stuff to do in Tokyo :

– Make a karaoke (be at least 3 yeah !).
– Go to Shinjuku Gyoen park which is awesome for a small pic nic (photos of me in blue Pooh c & rsquo; is low).
– Roaming the toy shops in Akihabara (I will return).
– Go to Ghibli Museum (reserving 2 weeks in & rsquo; advance yes !)
– Clubbing in Roppongi (nightclubs in Tokyo c & rsquo; is bisounoursland, anyone can enter without asshole physio in & rsquo; entry).
– Try d & rsquo; d go to the top floor & rsquo; a sex shop without being scolded (prohibits girls).
– Go to Yoyogi Park on Sunday to see marriage and children in traditional dress
– Buy a big pancake with whipped cream in the street, it doesn & rsquo; has nothing to do with our pancakes.
– Go play in a d & rsquo room; arcade (j & rsquo;'ve put a round in a Japanese street fighter that m & rsquo; made my evening) and giving away a portrait kawaï !
– Take a taxi because & rsquo; they are as pretty as that of Gaston