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Dress Asos, Lunettes coeur Topshop, sandales Asos, rings Asos

Good going ! We can bury this story, Thank you all for your comments. I confess that I prefer thousand times post beautiful pictures that discuss this kind of issue on this blog.

Not that I'm a little scatterbrained, but this blog has more vocation d & rsquo; bring a moment & rsquo; escape than to take the lead.

That's photos originally scheduled Monday : my last moments on & rsquo; Mauritius before & rsquo; go my suitcase.

People often ask me how to have this light in photos : c’est simple, you just expect that & rsquo; called photo “la golden hour” where the light is more soft and warm. We can do this right before bedtime or after sunrise (you will find a little d & rsquo; info on lense)

by-maurice (30)

Combishort Topshop, sandales Asos, bag H&M

In passing 4 days there we don & rsquo; not necessarily going to run cities and temples like crazy.

I am personally partisan holidays cool for my characters trips, especially not those trying to monetize or moving up seeing a thousand things.

So I have a little on my hunger for the & rsquo; Island and the pretty little towns along the coast, but n & rsquo; is that postponed !

That is still some pictures of Port Louis market and some crossed Hindu temples on the road. And next my little Maurice !

beach comber Dina Robin (42)

Swimsuit Asos

The luxury hotel j & rsquo; ve tasted it lip repeatedly : to Bali because that & rsquo; was affordable, to Tahiti because that & rsquo; was my honeymoon, to Milan vice Kenya because I & rsquo; was invited. Everytime, 2 days at most I based myself in this universe that seemed so untouchable when I & rsquo; was younger.

Pass 4 days Beach Comber Dina Robin that m & rsquo; invited to test its establishment, it is not therefore refused.

Slip into robes to go to SPA, breakfast every day on the beach, admire the sunset over the & rsquo; water, swimming alone in a big pool under the stars, watch the birds develop plans to steal the crumbs from my breakfast on my m & rsquo terrace; gave due.

I am almost always ill at & rsquo; comfortable to enjoy all this luxury and these little touches, but part of me takes over and told me : BENEFITS !

J & rsquo; hope these dream images make you want to leap, even with 12h d & rsquo; plane, spend only 4 m days there & rsquo; as I have rested n & rsquo; s & rsquo could, and hoped if I & rsquo; believe my close, I come back with incredible mine.

The beach & the swimming pool

The lunches “the dreary beach” m & rsquo; have a lot of fun, the name was almost ironic !

Le Spa Clarins

What about 3 care that I & rsquo; have on-site test : I am not a specialist, Magalie will speak better than me. When mass me j & rsquo; always trying to mentally print all the right moves to see play them. And then 5 I indulge minutes…

And full of beautiful things