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Bulgari resort & Spa – Milan

Continuation and end of my little getaway Milanese d & rsquo fashion princess and one day.

When I was a kid, my mother was quite d & rsquo; astrology, suddenly I strongly believe in the & rsquo; alignment of the planets. You know when d & rsquo; s all at once & rsquo; fits perfectly, all combine wonderfully like a divine body working for you. Milan c & rsquo; was just that for me.

Hardly had I accepted the & rsquo; Stefanel invitation for a round trip Paris-Milan in the day I receive an invitation from Bulgari in the same city on the same day. The event schedules 1 matching perfectly with the event 2. J & rsquo; d not have & rsquo; assistant, it works for me up there !

Leaving the Galeria Vittorio Emanuele II loaded packages, so I was expecting a Mercedes near the Scala to take me to Spa Bulgari where I was to spend the night. I swear that in those moments I walk slowly and I make victory dances internally. I have to smile like crazy too, I'm sure people think I'm a freak.

J & rsquo; have therefore spent the evening and night in the Bulgari Spa – unnecessary d & rsquo; add more I think you imagine the table. When I'm in this kind of & rsquo; a small place for quick visit I always look at people around me, those who are there because that & rsquo; they have the means. And I wonder how their lives, it fascinates me a little.

After a night worthy of & rsquo; a fairy tale (a hot bath and flowers everywhere m & rsquo; waiting in my room when I returned after dinner, what else ?) l & rsquo; Bulgari team presented their new All parfum. Since my l & rsquo; Oreal, the fragrance is a universe that m & rsquo; draws much as I n & rsquo; in no door. Provided, I confess not to have been really seduced by this one, I find the bottle a bit farfetched and fragrance does not affect me particularly. But that c & rsquo; is a matter of taste !

One last stroll in Milan and later a plane j & rsquo; was again in the RER B, a bit like Cinderella who finds his pumpkin at midnight. But I & rsquo; have definitely left a glass slipper in Italy where I leave very soon.

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Short, jacket and hat Stefanel, Monoprix sailor, sac my suelly, ballerines Topshop, bags under eyes 3hoursleep

Resuming my little Milanese adventure :) I have so many pictures to sort and stuff to tell you that I have just dragged.

J & rsquo; was invited to the base by brand Stefanel – I did not know I & rsquo; admit – for a lunch on site and a tour of the shop. The prospect of taking the & rsquo; plane just for lunch in Italy m & rsquo; wildly amused (a bit like when Pete Becker takes Monica dinner in a small pizzeria in Rome), j & rsquo; therefore I said yes.

On the spot I confess not too too m & rsquo; be felt in my element, surrounded by true fashionistas, Italian and Spanish bloggers dressed divas like goddesses (j & rsquo; had jeans and a smock, French Power).

But this kind of m & rsquo situation amuses, j & rsquo; always have the & rsquo; d & rsquo impression be an impostor. And the contrast is great fun, morning d & rsquo; was badly awoken at 7am on the platform of the RER B to Gare du Nord and found myself at 13h a glass of champagne in hand on the terrace of the Hyatt Park in sunny Milan to expound on a autumn winter collection. My life is funny, j & rsquo; in benefits 1000%

After lunch, Stefanel took the team all pretty world in his shop Vittorio Emanuelle II Gallery (god this place is gorgeous). Et là, like this, gift : Take everything you like to compose a look of you from head to toe. I think I & rsquo; have always dreamed that & rsquo; being told that someday – j & rsquo; tried to keep a capacity to face visibly customary Italian because almost blasé – but inwardly I was doing little somersaults.

I remember & rsquo; an issue that I & rsquo; saw when I & rsquo; was a kid : 3 people were released into a supermarket with 10.000 francs and had to spend it all in hair cell 10 minutes. They all panicked and lost. I m & rsquo; had always wondered how I would react if I & rsquo; mode was dropped everything is allowed in a clothing store. And much to my disappointment it's great sage. C & rsquo; was fun to see how it all consisted of very different looks (I j & rsquo; the girl was borring with its minimal look beside girls in fluorescent orange heels).

At the risk of & rsquo; to displease some, j & rsquo; have played the game thoroughly and came away packets loaded arm like a child a Christmas morning. There are days when we princess lives…