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Cavendish lighthouse – many cute all lighthouses in the region (1 Roh ᴗ1)

It was quite a drive on & rsquo; Prince Edward Island. When a Canadian told you “c & rsquo; is not far” You must beware, they often add then “just an hour by car”, the n & rsquo; is “not far” for them.

But on this small island no worries, the scenery is really beautiful, j & rsquo; I especially loved the village of Cavendish and surroundings. There is the famous museum & rsquo; Anne of Green Gables as much as love (better known in France under the name & rsquo; Anne of Green Gables – hat trad…)

To be honest, I do not know this little redhead Canadian (shame on me – though manga tells me something). But she apparently very popular with Japanese tourists who come to see the reconstruction of his house (d & rsquo; after the book since c & rsquo; is a fictional character). Bon ok, it's funny, but a little kitsch, not too my cup of tea. Even if I & rsquo; did take pictures :)

So, if not, in the corner there is the national park PEI, beautifully green, which has the characteristic d & rsquo; house full of foxes that are beautiful on the edge of the road l & rsquo; if to say “I look cute whisked me dumplings”. They wander alone, land on the yellow line to scratch tranquillou, and we can approach them without problem. It's very weird, just avoid feeding it gives them bad habits and then they no longer know how to hunt.

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Jean Topshop, shirt American Apparel, Zara vest, bottines Jonak, small knot j & rsquo; remember

This small town of & rsquo; Prince Edward Island alone deserved a little note. C & rsquo; the village was as small crossover with malignant Moonrise Kingdom, my paradise in short.

With pretty wooden houses along the & rsquo; water, tall trees, a house like a lighthouse, a small port, a library with a rabbit in the window, fisherman houses, a Newfoundland addicted to ice.

One quickly goes around on foot accompanied by squirrels. I don & rsquo; there have unfortunately passed that & rsquo; an hour. But that seems to be the & rsquo; perfect place to retreat from the world.

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“Lobster party at the beach” – here here

One of the reasons I & rsquo; was really happy (inter alia) to go on & rsquo; Prince Edward Island c & rsquo; was “Fall Flavour” : a large food festival.

J & rsquo; s have not & rsquo; air like that with my 45kg but I & rsquo; like me to blow the can. Et là, with the reputation of the local cuisine I felt that I & rsquo; was going to blow my buttons high waist shorts (not glamorous, Of course, I do this).

I begin to have visited some countries, and tasted a lot of kitchens. That & rsquo; we eat on this island is just crazy. There are plenty of delicious local produce (l & rsquo; island is almost independent at certain levels), the meat is ouf, the delicious fish, about seafood… OoO ! J & rsquo; ate the best oysters of my life in a small tent Cavendish Beach. One of the best cakes also.

Oh and also the best bluefin tuna, freshly caught the same day (the course online). I who n & rsquo; eat more years for ecological reasons which I will spare you c & rsquo; was a sacred happiness. The name of the guy who & rsquo; had caught was written on the menu, la classe…

And then there's the lobster. Local ham j & rsquo; feel like saying, we eat all the time, all sauces, even cooked in the sand and seaweed on the beach…. There was a time when parents would not send their child to & rsquo; school with a lobster sandwich to not have the & rsquo; poor air, you it is a little trick.

To finish, they are one of the best ice in the world (yes there are official classification of this stuff) : Cows. Le Ben & Jerry & rsquo; s local with crazy flavors and creamy ice.

J & rsquo; shamefully admit I have tasted all, which greatly laugh the salesperson. My two favorite : Gooey Mooey (Burnt sugar ice creamn english toffee marble, caramel cups & chocolate flakes & PEI Strawberry Ice cream.

Oh, and I & rsquo; almost forgot the famous poutine everyone is m & rsquo; had spoken. So, without wanting to offend me with Canadian c & rsquo; just fries with cheese and gravy. C & rsquo; is good huh, but c & rsquo; not crazy either. Apparently c & rsquo; is good when you have a hangover but I & rsquo; have not tested !

Here are some excellent restaurants and stuff to test :

+ Sim’s corner
-“Steak & Oysters” said the storefront, you it takes more to make you want ?
> 86 Queen Street Charlottetown

+ Lot30
-On the map there was bluefin tuna “caught by Arnold Mc Dougall” the same day, the course online. I don & rsquo; have ever eaten in my life best tuna, everything was fine and delicious.
> 151 Kent Street Charlottetown

+ Dune’s Gallery
– At first glance it doesn & rsquo; is the & rsquo; trendy place of the moment, but I & rsquo; ate amazing food in this small gallery & rsquo; s, and one of the best carrot cake in my life (yes my life is ruined now).
> RR#9 Brackley Beach

+ Cows
– There is a shop in town, but we went to the Poplar Island en route to New Brunswick

+ Boom Burger
– On the same parking lot as the shop Cows Poplar Island – with all the good local products. Really super good.

*Just for fans who recognize ^^