Vancouver Stanley Park-18
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Vancouver Stanley Park-18

T-shirt Urban Outfitters, short Asos, Madewell belt, Baskets Puma, JOLI ROUGE CLARINS N°741*

I finished the story of the trip in British Columbia by the best, what I & rsquo; I preferred to do in Vancouver : a bike ride from Canada Place to English Bay encircling Stanley Park. It n & rsquo; there is not one person that & rsquo; we met in Vancouver who has not advised us to take a day to do that, then was dark.

We rented bikes at Cycle City Tours and Bike Rental, they are close to English Bay where it was good to finish the ride in late afternoon near the beach.


Vancouver Stanley Park-38

Vancouver Stanley Park-39

Vancouver Stanley Park-33

♥ ︎ of Hortensiaaaaas ♥ ︎

The park is very large, there are several beaches, few water points where you can see wildlife AS raccoons ♥ ︎_ ♥ ︎

Vancouver Stanley Park-40

One end side we ate Second beach, small sandwich and local berries: blackberries & blueberries and s & rsquo; is paraded, promenées… c & rsquo; was pretty suuuper ! I let you enjoy ;)

Vancouver Stanley Park-29

Vancouver Stanley Park-21

Vancouver Stanley Park-13

Vancouver Stanley Park-9

Vancouver Stanley Park-43
Vancouver Stanley Park-45

Vancouver Stanley Park-42

Vancouver Stanley Park-41


Vancouver Stanley Park-6

Vancouver Stanley Park-2

Vancouver Stanley Park-4

Vancouver Stanley Park-19

Vancouver West End-36
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Vancouver West End-36

English bay beach <3

And yes, I don & rsquo;'m not done with this great trip in BC, I still have some pictures of Vancouver. Today I planned a little tour of the West End neighborhoods & Downtown, and tomorrow a little tour of Stanley Park to finish.

We don & rsquo; & rsquo have done that; a small part of the city in the end as we had barely there 3 days, I stitched this beautiful map of Vancouver neighborhoods Ork Posters to show you ;)

Go on & rsquo; to see the picture of the visited city

Voilà, it's not heavy on this great city, mais en 3 days c & rsquo; is a small challenge for the win and we spent the first day to follow two guides.

D & rsquo; first with Jenn Tours by Locals which was lovely and that has s & rsquo; adapt as a leader by making us in a flash a little tour corners likely to please us. As a general rule I hate this stuff, but Canadian are so cool I don & rsquo; have not refused when offered to make this small city tour with an insider.

And then followed with a foodie tour where we made a small passage in famous places in the city just to get in the mouth, even later during the stay to remake one of these addresses delicious ^^

It gave us a first quick overview of those parts of the city and c & rsquo; was neat, we could spend the 2 other days wheel libreavec a program that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; is concocted same.

These are the neighborhoods visited, the beautiful pictures that go with and Qype (if you know the city well and want to add n & rsquo; please in the comments).



West End


C & rsquo; is the neighborhood where we lived, and around which is not bad went to eat, to walk on the first day in zombie mode with the time difference and where we made a lot of our foodie round.

Vancouver West End-7

Vancouver West End-21

Bella Gelateria, best ice cream in town

Vancouver West End-9

Tacofino, the food truck which everyone talks

Vancouver West End-10

Vancouver West End-6

Vancouver West End-8

Vancouver West End-19

Vancouver West End-23

Vancouver West End-13

A glass at Urban Fare Market

Vancouver West End-30

Vancouver West End-32

Best sushi in the city : Miku

Vancouver West End-42

Vancouver West End-43
Vancouver West End-46

Vancouver West End-47

Celebration of light : competition d & rsquo lights; fireworks on English Bay

Some good addresses :

  • Loden Vancouver : our charming boutique hotel with great views that kills, 1177 Melville Street
  • Urban Fare Market : to bring the best products of the region home, 1133 Alberni St
  • Miku : best sushi ever eaten, Fish in Vancouver is crazy… 200 Granville St
  • Bella Gelateria : boasts of selling the best ice cream in the world, c & rsquo; it was completely ! 1001 West Cordova Street
  • Tacofino : The food truck where everyone will advise you eat over there (and Tofino). Several addresses.
  • Kirin : Best Dim Sum in the city, 1172 Alberni Street.
  • The Shangri-La : to go crazy drink cocktails and test their meat 1128 West Georgia Street.
  • Café Thierry : to take a snack and drink a Chai Latte, 1059 Alberni Street.


Downtown :


Downtown is large enough, I l & rsquo; have divided into several districts after Granville street and neon signs..

Vancouver Downtown-5

Vancouver Downtown-4
Vancouver Downtown-6

Vancouver Downtown-7


Downtown : Yaletown


Chic, that m & rsquo; has done much thinking about Meatpacking in New York : chic boutiques, desginers, near the marina, industrial buildings, trendy restaurants…

Vancouver Downtown-24

Vancouver Downtown-25

Vancouver Downtown-9

Vancouver Downtown-10
Vancouver Downtown-11

Living Produce Aisle, les smoothies green

Vancouver Downtown-12

Vancouver Downtown-18

Goorin Bros pretty shop where I got paid a hat

Vancouver Downtown-20

The Cross Decor, the shop where I & rsquo; have made Aaaaaaaaaw and Ooooh

Vancouver Downtown-34

Vancouver Downtown-31

Some good addresses :


Downtown : Chinatown


Chinatown is a fairly large area, the Asian community is quite large in Vancouver. On y mange well suuuuuper, j & rsquo; loved.

Vancouver chinatown-12

Vancouver chinatown-5

Sun Yat Sen Gardens

Vancouver chinatown-6

Vancouver chinatown-11
Vancouver chinatown-16

Vancouver chinatown-13

Vancouver chinatown-20

Vancouver chinatown-8

Some good addresses :

  • Skwachays : l & rsquo; hotel where we slept with rooms worthy of Twin peaks, 31 West Pender Street.
  • Bao Bei : last dinner in Vancouver, I ate the best fried rice in my life 163 Keefer Street
  • The Dirty Apron : sandwich and dingoes are a killer breakfast


Mount Pleasant : Main Street


We don & rsquo; has not really done the whole neighborhood of Mount Pleasant, we mostly went to see where Main Street is full of owls shop and a pretty cool atmosphere.

Vancouver Mount pleasant-2

Vancouver Mount pleasant-7

Vancouver Mount pleasant-5

Vancouver Mount pleasant-4

Vancouver Mount pleasant-6
Vancouver Mount pleasant-8

Vancouver Mount pleasant-9

Vancouver Mount pleasant-11

Vancouver Mount pleasant

Vancouver Mount pleasant-14

Some good addresses :

  • Gene : Inspired super nice cafe, 2404 Main St
  • Cartems Donuteria : to buy classic whiskey bacon donuts or ou2190 Main St
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Gingham dress Asos *, baskets Puma, JOLI ROUGE CLARINS N°741*

We continue our sightseeing in the region now with the City of Vancouver where we spent a few days. First on the edge of the water with the Kitsilano neighborhood and Granville Island.

We had talked to me a lot of Kitsilano neighborhood, with its wooden houses, the long walk along the beach, the atmosphere to cool… This is one of the first places we wanted to go and we did not regret.

We did not do much, fair rides, some shopping (it's stupid, but wherever I go in the world I can not resist a Urban Outfitters…). Mais c’était cool, a quiet day.

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First breakfast delicious Beaucoup Bakery, there met the creator of the shop, Jackie who gave us his best food addresses in Vancouver. I tested his knowledge of Parisian restaurants, she advised me a few of which I never knew existed. We had fallen on a pro, and his address book, a mine… We did not eat in the restaurants recommended by it thereafter :D

Then, stroll shopping, there is plenty to do on the 4th street and small surrounding streets. I recommend a stop at Whole Foods to buy you lunch, and shoo whisked away to the beach enjoying the scenery : la mer, Mountain. Then do around the park up towards Granville Island.

Granville Island-6

Granville Island-10
Granville Island-7

Granville Island-14

Granville Island-18

Granville Island-15
Granville Island-17

Granville Island-21

Granville Island-13

Granville Island-22

Granville Island-23

Sur Granville Island, do not miss the market, and all her adorable little shops found there, If the walk gave you a little hungry, make a snack on site, there are a thousand things to taste. Initially I was not sure we would go to walk, not we almost do it, Fortunately we had a change of !


Then finish the day on the beach for the sunset, then in one of the great restaurants in the area, we lift up dinner at Granville Loop Park Farmer’s apprentice (on Jackie tips). It was unforgettable, we ate incredibly well while being served by the double of Ryan Gosling, youhou !