Well this is it, j & rsquo;'m done sulking and I & rsquo; have fishing !

At the beginning, I wanted to do in this post 2 parties : with a few photos and impressions, and another with addresses and tips, but ultimately I find it a bit pointless, I'll make a 2 in 1. C & rsquo; is left for a long post like the arm :)

It's been a while I dreamed of & rsquo; go to Bali, all those m & rsquo; had spoken said that c & rsquo; was their best trip and some photos had finally convinced me it would be my next destination.Et then in June, j & rsquo; had a small comeback d & rsquo; silver, then j & rsquo; took the opportunity to realize my dream and I & rsquo; have dark.

I knew it, buy a ticket for this type of destination at the last moment is quite expensive, to limit the damage, j & rsquo; so I took a ticket to Paris-Jakarta opodo, and j & rsquo; got a ticket on-air asia bali indonesia jakarta. Long and boring, I confess, but we do not complain when we share in paradise.

[ImageBrowser = 68]

J & rsquo; had prepared the trip to the & rsquo; advance, with some guides (the backpacker and lonly planet) and also Gace internet, j & rsquo; have all booked by email. Everyone m & rsquo; said “naaannnn, Reserve not it is useless, thou shalt take of hotels overnight”, mouais… Once there j & rsquo; was glad d & rsquo; have booked, the best hotels all had full. By cons, if you want to go a little into the wind, and change the program according to your desire, effectivement, you can go over there reservation, you will always find room somewhere.

Anyway, everyone can consider his trip to Bali in its own way : to the roots with a backpack in small hotels or € 5 in luxury hotels (super affordable), glandouille at the beach or trekking on a volcano, diving or snorkeliing. At the seaside, inland, in the middle of rice fields, there are a thousand things sà see and do in Bali (rhoo looks like a promotional poster my thing). Maintenant, Place the report !

First day : Sanur

After an interminable trip, We took a hotel in Sanur, which is close to the & rsquo; airport. We slept like babies, exhausted by more than 24 hours of travel. We booked the & rsquo; gopa hotel Puri Bali, recommended in a lot of guides : very nice garden and pool, mais chambre tristoune, c & rsquo; is probably the worst hotel in which we stayed. Early morning, while j & rsquo; wanted to make a little splash in the pool, I note that I & rsquo;'ve forgotten my 5 swimsuits at home : j & rsquo; therefore I dragged my fiance scour the city in search of & rsquo; a 2 piece. J & rsquo; have then spent the rest of my vacation with a jersey mochissime, it m & rsquo; learn to m & rsquo; buy a head !

After a ride on the beautiful beach of Sanur, a little stuffed by the & rsquo; family atmosphere & fart fart corner we went in the small port of Padangbai, d & rsquo; we were to leave for the next Gili Islands. No pb for transport, Bali taxis are very cheap, was used as soon as & rsquo; could taxis “bluebird” who use their meters (if it takes a little bargain, and as I am zero, j & rsquo; avoided).

Second day : padangbai

Padangbai is a small haven of peace : quiet, and quiet. We don & rsquo; d had not booked & rsquo; hotel and found a room all to mimi 10 euros in a rice bowl, à l’hotel padangbai beach bungalows.

But my favorite little corner c & rsquo; is & rsquo; topi inn hotel restaurant after the port : run by a beautiful family, il y a internet, a warm atmosphere, and good food. L & rsquo; not bad hotel organizes d & rsquo; excursions real cheap. J & rsquo; it ate a delicious fish with rice and sauce with coconut cream and drank a little refreshing cocktail.

First day tranquillou, without fatigue, relaxing… There are a lot of beautiful things to see in the area, close to the & rsquo; hotel, a nice little temple and a view of the crazy sea.

First night under a mosquito net, j & rsquo; adooooore j & rsquo; s have always & rsquo; d & rsquo impression be a princess bed. The next morning we left for the islands Gili. A lot of guides will advise you to go through the ferry that goes to Lombok where to then take a bus, and even a boat… We we preferred to use the company's services “gili cat”, in 2h30 we live on Gili Islands, c & rsquo; is quite expensive but faster and less scary than taking a plane Denpasar-lombock (Indonesian companies are often unsavory…). En plus, when n & rsquo; no seasickness, c & rsquo; is quite funny as crossing :)

3e, 4e and 5th day : the Gili Islands

No complaints : c & rsquo; is paradise, tranquil islands not heavily visited, clear water at 29 °, no motorized vehicles and thus a dream caaaaalme (on s’y déplace en cidomo, small horse with cariole).

We picked Gili Trawangan, deemed to be more “living than other”, if I leave I & rsquo; surely go on Gili Air which had the & rsquo; look even quieter and less inhabited. I advise everyone to take a ride on the islands, this n & rsquo; is not really Bali, c & rsquo; is Lombock, but I & rsquo; a warning soooooooooo good memory. We booked at Desa Dunia beda, a very nice hotel at the end of the & rsquo; island but in retrospect, c & rsquo; there was quite expensive for low.

Very nice it said, with outdoor bathroom, and very quiet, s it & rsquo; is made a little romantic dinner in a hut of & rsquo; hotel facing the sea and alone in the world : génial !

On site, calm down, we walk on the beautiful beaches, they gather shellfish, we toured the & rsquo; island by bicycle (1h), on mange du poisson, and especially, on fait du snorkeling. Observe where do the glass bottom boats, and provided with your mask and d & rsquo; snorkel, will observe the seabed, they are beautiful : we see fish of all colors a few meters from the beach, it is sublime. I advise you to take at least one day on a glass bottom boat, they will take you in many wonderful corners, and you feel safer (the currents are very strong, and c & rsquo; d rather dangerous & rsquo; go too far in & rsquo; water alone). When d & rsquo; one of these boat trips, j & rsquo; swam with a sea turtle, she was barely 1m, I'm a little moved here d & rsquo; think again, c & rsquo; was magical.

We don & rsquo; that booked 2 nights on & rsquo; Island, and c & rsquo; was just an error, everything was booked, and we struggled a bit to find a hotel. But like everything is sublime low, the small hotel we found (le big bubble) was charming.

We left, always by Gili Cat, which then transferred us to kuta, City surfers !

6e and 7th day : Kuta

Before leaving, j & rsquo; had heard everything : no n & rsquo; there gonna c & rsquo; is shielded tourists, so go ahead c & rsquo; is must. So as I'm a big curious d & rsquo; & rsquo have decided; spend 2 days. On the advice of’Alix cherry blossoms j & rsquo; booked a room at Poppies Cottages : j & rsquo; had a real favorite for this hotel.

In the heart d & rsquo; a city that moves, c & rsquo; is an enchanted, a lush garden, sublime rooms, lovely staff (anyway people are all lovely in Bali). Stayed there for a great time, and I would book if you want to spend a few days, one month before departure, some dates are already full there. The restaurant of & rsquo; hotel was exquisite, we had dinner there every night, and the breakfast there was delicious : black glutinous rice pudding with coconut milk + bananas, a massacre (j & rsquo;'ve bought all the ingredients in Tang, I will try to do that very soon). I did not feed me for private spicy dishes (although I can not bear, with all the rice that I & rsquo; swallowed, it went), small tom yam soup Balinese fruit seas and peppers were a delight (even if one of these little assholes m & rsquo; has burned ever).

A kuta j & rsquo; took the opportunity to shop : full of necklaces, some pareos, and always hearty fashion, j & rsquo; have made a small hook by Magali Pascal shop in Seminyak, I show you that very soon.

A kuta, we must not look far : we walk on the beach and admire the surfers.

You can also visit some nice temples not far Uluwatu or Tanah Lot, very beautiful, but as there are part of all tours, it was still less charm than temples that & rsquo; we saw later. A Uluwatu attention to the monkeys are trained to fly and that make you camera against bananas (but if we blunder c & rsquo; is quite funny to see the Japanese being bitten their glasses, c & rsquo; s is a bit & rsquo; attraction !).

C & rsquo; is that Kuta & rsquo; we became aware of the peculiarity of religion in Bali (the Gili islands c & rsquo; was very different, predominantly Muslim). The offerings deposited over the streets in the morning m & rsquo; have fascinated : everyone prepares her small basket of banana leaves, adds some flowers, rice, s & rsquo; incense and deposits them in pronouncing some sentences I did not understand.

In talking with people j & rsquo; loved the way they talk about their religion, peacefulness, tolerance and kindness m & rsquo; many affected. After Kuta, we went to Ubud, the center of the & rsquo; island and its workshops & rsquo; artists, its rice fields and small villages.

7th day > 12th day : Ubud

We decided to get to Ubud, and d & rsquo; spend more time that & rsquo; also because there are many things to see in the area, and everyone was unanimous : Ubud c & rsquo; & rsquo is d & rsquo place; where you do not want to leave. Et effectivement, we don & rsquo; has not disappointed.

It s & rsquo; was pleased, and we booked into a luxury hotel for our 2 first days on site : le Section barong. We had a breathtaking view of rice fields and & rsquo; Ayung, c & rsquo; is one of the most beautiful landscapes that I & rsquo; have ever seen. We had a small villa with infinity pool on the valley, c & rsquo; was beautiful.

The last three nights, we stayed at the guesthouse honeymoon : lovely, nothing n & rsquo; fault, book as c & rsquo; is always full. On site we s & rsquo; is much cruised, walk the streets or bike around in the rice fields and near the river. I lack words to describe it all…

It s & rsquo; walked around small villages, without ever crossing a tourist, equipped with our one & rsquo s guide; one is much toughed (the lonely planet of walks are not poorly made). But it's worth it to walk at least a day with someone & rsquo; an on-site.

One m & rsquo; had advised the monkey forest road but I & rsquo; I found it very beautiful, and monkeys me it fascinates me :)

And the market in the city center is a visit at least once (preferably in the morning).

There is also an essential thing in Ubud : spas. For d & rsquo twenty; euro, it is essential to testers a typical local massage with body scrub and bath & rsquo; oils : c & rsquo; is divine.

C & rsquo; in Ubud is that my battery & rsquo; m Camera & rsquo; has dropped, j & rsquo; thought I cry, c & rsquo; is that I & rsquo; have seen the most beautiful things, and when I can not take pictures c & rsquo; s & rsquo is like; I was missing a Member. We went to bali bird park, which was just beautiful and I think it & rsquo; is to taunt me that flamingos took such pretty poses and this little albino peacock gave us his best wheel.

We ate in all the most charming places than others. Only the famous Casa Luna was the most disappointing : blah framework, blah Service, it is recommended in all the guidebooks, but honestly, there are much better in Ubud.

Coffee lotus is a lovely place for a small romantic dinner facing a temple at the edge of & rsquo; a lotus pond filled (request a table at the back, near the & rsquo; water).

The Bali Budda where we also had the & rsquo; & rsquo habit; buy fruits and cakes is also perfect for quiet dinner, drinking a few cocktails with beneficial properties.

Enfin, le restaurant “Roda’s restaurant” our canteen was full on departure : the family that runs the place is charming, and home cooking with vegetables from the garden was a delight. It ate a smoked duck (Keep baby) to fall and some sticky rice cakes with coconut milk and I like. We left this paradise recharged energy, les sourires, good humor and relaxed attitude local gave us a world of good. The breathtaking scenery and colorful cuisine are not prepared to leave my little head…


I miss Bali !!! Since I came back, honestly, I drag myself, spiritless, whining : “I want repartiiiiir”. J & rsquo; I tell myself that all good things must end and that c & rsquo; is precisely what makes their flavor, I stay there for griping molassonne.

So as you & rsquo;'ll understand, no minutes aujourd & rsquo; hui, I will content myself lazily mail you photos of Paradise, which will give me the & rsquo; opportunity to whine again. Snif !



Because that & rsquo; we must return one day (otherwise the paradise would become bored), voilou me back. The hair blondissime, always as pale complexion (but with a few freckles and more), and beautiful images full head…

All the people that I & rsquo; m had questioned Bali & rsquo; had said the same thing : “c & rsquo; is my best trip”. And I & rsquo;'ve heard so much about this island that I & rsquo; & rsquo was afraid; be disappointed as it m & rsquo; had boasted beauty : but like all, j & rsquo; have been seduced by this wonderful destination.

By cons I confess that there, not yet recovered well from my jet lag, head still in the rice fields, invaded by lazy, j & rsquo; it hard to put my ideas and aligning words, so I will prepare you a little report d & rsquo; within days of history inspire you and deliver my impressions and good addresses to those who want to go in & rsquo; Island of the Gods.

Waiting, I leave you some pictures to make you wait, and promised, when I'm out of my torpor, I tell you all and I will post more & rsquo; pictures.

*c’te phrase, I m & rsquo; get tired, j & rsquo; wrote this on all my mails, Facebook status & msn…there, j & rsquo; s not me at all farts…