brisbane pink house
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At Asos, short Topshop, Monoprix sandals, bag H&M

After a short road trip from Noosa 2 hours, bim ! We were back in town.

You can imagine the scenery changes and temperature within 24 hours c & rsquo; was pretty crazy !

I don & rsquo; have unfortunately passed that & rsquo; an evening and a morning in this city and I regret a little. But it & rsquo; is & rsquo; my game pauv’ Lollipop ! We can not have everything in life !

So I do not know if I & rsquo;'ve had a real insight. J & rsquo;'ve seen quite a few bars “concept” and luxury shops, j & rsquo; have therefore kept a chic and trendy vision.

The n & rsquo; is not only that what & rsquo; tourism office has shown us since we had 3 good hours walking in the city center.

J & rsquo; loved all the houses on stilts, with wooden stairs and old furniture on the porch.

J & rsquo; énooormes did not like the spiders that & rsquo; one saw everywhere, I did that & rsquo; but a big sissy c & rsquo; is my phobia number 1, j & rsquo; s had & rsquo; & rsquo impression that; they ran on me was so breasted. Yeurk !

And freaked out as deficient because of the giant bats that flew us to the dark so that & rsquo; s it & rsquo; was lost in the dark streets. V & rsquo; the adventurous, it'll now it makes us laugh.

It s & rsquo; is consoled the evening with a few mojitos really trendy bars in the city. Rooftop Hotel eg.

(J & rsquo; digress on the Australians are a bit like the British and Irish, dressed shorter you dies, there is a nice herd of gams who walk around bars.

Apparently c & rsquo; is because Australian, suuuuuper shy, that n & rsquo; s not too dare & rsquo; approach. They put everything on their part to motivate the poor darlings.

Distinguished French, you would be oil kings in Australia… not sure that you would do to the culture of “dating” but you would have some points d & rsquo; ahead of the guys from there. Let us close the parenthesis.)

To finish, we were in a really nice hotel, a little “boutique hotel” as it's called, avec 9 rooms, calm, style and comfort the sick. Too expensive for my budget if I & rsquo; had traveled by myself, but really a beautiful place.

And otherwise, if you go to Brisbane, try to nab one of the guides with the pigeons above ptits, they are found in shops, they are so beautiful that & rsquo; & rsquo we think that they are paying !

When one is French c & rsquo; is stupid but we say that c & rsquo; is a guide for pigeons (has been) but they are full of good addresses and are updated regularly.

Some addresses in Brisbane :

Full of good plans the site of small pigeon guides.

L & rsquo; hotel Spicers, really beautiful, ate there the best little dej of the stay.

Rest cha cha char : 2e best steak of my life, we eat meat mad Australia c & rsquo; is final.

Bar Cloudland, a little too trendy for my taste and select, but what space Whaaa, a Deco sick (I don & rsquo; have unfortunately no pictures).