Puffin Rock – Cartoon Saloon (Netflix)

A small note a little lighter today ;)

First, thank you for all your comments on the failure, it was really interesting to read what you thought and your experiences. I unfortunately ran out of time to meet each of you because I have a super busy week working. But I have read some're ^^

Today I work partly at home. It is always a delightful time to work quietly in my heart that I love, with a cup of tea that cools beside me.

I always put something on TV, for mini breaks 5 minutes from time to time. Netflix is ​​my best friend for that, or Ted (I often look at a small conference between tasks).

My little favorite of the moment is a cartoon child that I find sublime and adorable : Puffin rock. I saw a lot of animated drawing when I was a baby sitter, and so it can be hell (you have ever watched the Teletubbies for more than 1 hour O_O ?)


Puffin rock and is super cabbage, the drawings are sublime and quality animations. This is the work of a wonderful animation studio Cartoon Saloon which also released “song of the sea” who is on my list to do for too long.



J’adore l’ambiance de Puffin Rock, Sometimes I look at that and I find myself speechless. I love the English voices (Baba is so adorable) and small characters are benevolent.

Voilà, I watch a cartoon for children and I have not even ashamed ^^














Brendaaaaa <3

If you were a teenager in 93 when Beverly Hills was announced on TF1, you remember this little phrase necessarily, pronounced in chorus by Brandon and Brenda in the trailer we've seen a thousand times (at the time personal, I had 11 years old).

The series returns to loop for a while AB1, they pass the 10 seasons when they finished, hop they start at zero.

And the driver “Class of Beverly Hills” is a gem (même si on n’y voit ni Dylan ni le Peach Pit). First, because the photo is special, the images are really beautiful, far more than in any other episode of the series. And this is where all the characters (outside Dylan McKay) are presented, with their 90's more looks you die.





Everyone has a little youthful air that is not found afterwards : Donna is cute & Brandon has the mullet.

It makes me something to see these episodes on Sunday when I decided to do nothing in my sofa. They really marked my adolescence : the outfits we were trying to reproduce (long flowered skirt with boots, Unlikely cyclists, T-shirt dresses) while fashion was different for us and the songs we are hearing that there was nowhere.





Episodes also, I started my diary after the episode where Brenda finds that of a young Hippie.

But I think what surprises me most today is the relationship between the characters. So, Today looking back I realize that this is terribly badly written. But all the same, I remember that for me, IT was adult relationships.



They all speak hyper evil, behave like assholes, Kelly is super capricious, Brandon father morality (with his parents is the combo), Donna stupid as possible. I do not remember be realized when I was a teenager, these people were my models !

Today I realize that I have been able to surround myself with people who never had these models in life, and that healthy human relationships, but sometimes brings me incredible stories you would think straight out of Beverly Hills. I hope that our taps you no scandals to Kelly Taylor around you.

Grand hotel budapest

Grand hotel budapest

The Grand Budapest Hotel – Wes Anderson, released on 26 février 2014

In big fan of Wes Anderson next Wednesday I will be in a small dark room, to drool over the beautiful still shots of the new film from my favorite director.

If you do not know the man well you've surely heard of his best films : The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom, Fantastic Mr. Fox (ok maybe not his best for everyone, but my favorites).

So if this kind of & rsquo; aesthetically appeals to you I recommend a walk in the cinema next Wednesday. I j & rsquo; will there !

After watching a thousand times the brilliant trailer, before drooled the crazy cast (Bill Murray ♥ Ralph Fiennes ♥ Edward Norton ♥ Jude Law ♥ Adrien Brody ♥ Jeff Goldblum ♥ Harvey Keitel ♥…) and searched from top to bottom the site of the Republic of Zubrowka and the Tumblr du film c & rsquo; s & rsquo soon; Sunrise curtain !

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