Elvis tropical
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Take my hand come dance…

I am therefore not the only one stuck in Paris l & rsquo; was the most rotten that I & rsquo; have ever seen, I feel less alone when I get home from running 2 drops the size of my finger lil.

C & rsquo; is nice !

My remedy against depression c & rsquo; is a small tropical playlist, the seaside accents, boat crossing, cocktail coconut. I pass by listening to the rain fall, and closing my eyes tight I can see Tahiti beach. I l & rsquo; had prepared the basis for a late night home with swimwear dress code and basic flowered shirts.

And as c & rsquo; visibly monsoon this month the I & rsquo; have recycled.

That this small playlist 15 securities (j & rsquo; have not found better as a player to share music nicely here – if someone & rsquo; one knows something I take !)

Elvis tropical

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Entire playlist here

Tadaaaaam ! So, I'm not a huge musical material connoisseur, but I & rsquo; like imagine playlists with moods. J & rsquo; have plenty that are a little weird : track where we hear wolves, titles for crying, music for rainy days. I love it.

So for Halloween I & rsquo; looked a whole lot of music that inspire fear, or that evoke slightly scary world. The hard part is to find something to dance while remaining in this universe (besides good luck Thriller !). J & rsquo; have a small collective music of this style dating from & rsquo; when I was d & rsquo movies, horror camcorder with my friends in high school… I don & rsquo; made a good base !

So a playlist on Spotify

Must titles


Soundtracks / series :

Harry Potter – Double trouble
Air – Ghost song
Nightmare before Christmas – This is halloween
Witches of Eastwick – City of plague
Halloween – Laurie’s theme
Buffy the vampire slayer – Theme
Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters
Jace Everett – Bad things
The walking dead – Main theme
Tales from the crypt – theme
The Adams Family – theme
Psycho – Murder

Oddly creepy titles :

Radiohead – Fitter Happier
Nico – The little knight

D & rsquo music, atmosphere :

Dead man’s bones – in the room where you sleep
Betsy Brye – Sleepwalk
Marilyn Manson – Sweet dreams
Rockwell – somebody’s watching me
Nekromantix – Trick or treat
Bobby Picket – Monster Mash
The Pierces – Secret
Jutsice – Genesis
Rolling Stones – Sympathy for the devil
Disneyland Paris – Phantom Manor
Carmina Burana – Or luck
Korn – Dead bodies everywhere
Minitel Rose – Zombie lady
No doubt – Spiderwebs
Tenacious D – Tribute
Marilyn Manson – This is halloween

To dance :

Ashley Tisdale – Masquerade
Backstreet Boys – Everybody
Lady Gaga – Dancer in the dark
China Anne Mclain – Calling all the monsters
Mickael Jackson – Thriller
Britney Spears – Toxic
Rocky Horror Picture Show – Hot patootie bless my soul
Beetlejuice OST – Jump in the line
Ghostbusters – Ghostbusters
Jay-Z – Lucifer
Black Atack – Bang bang
Benzi box – Danger doom
Skrilex – Scary monster and nice spirits
Janet Jackson – Black cat

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www.lajoiedevivre.com – Dress Asos

*J & rsquo; like my jokes so that I get out many times !

So, this concert is a little dated, but I & rsquo; had to deal with so many photos that I & rsquo; have postponed, l & rsquo; call the pool was too strong :)

But after all you have time for the next album of’Elephant released in January.
I discovered this group there are 2 years old and I & rsquo; s really liked & rsquo; energy and the lovely Lisa complicity with François.

We discussed around & rsquo; a coffee and I don & rsquo; had not managed to take good pictures d & rsquo; it, j & rsquo; had stayed in failure.

So j & rsquo; took my hand this concert where I & rsquo; did the little mouse behind the scenes. C & rsquo; was fun to make me forget by sofabed, during that & rsquo; they made vocalizations “The lalalala la la la la” and watch the stress and & rsquo; excitement rising slowly before the concert.

And c & rsquo; was neat as said in the title…