HP vivienne tam

HP vivienne tam

When I am not in search of & rsquo; a new or vintage skirt & rsquo; telephone years 30 I'm looking pretty techno gadgets. L You & rsquo; ve seen last week with mon Hulger and well before my mimi nabaztag, when technology s & rsquo; combines a refined and intelligent design I funds…

And him, this little pocket pc red as an apple d & rsquo; love and deliciously floral, when I l & rsquo; have seen in one of my turkey mags, j & rsquo;'m falling in love. I l & rsquo;'ve looked everywhere, mais damned, it n & rsquo; was not yet on the market. So in the meantime, je lui ai fait une petite infidélité et ai eu un gros coup de cœur pour le nouveau sony vaio p that fits in your pocket. I have done well by marketing eh ! When looking at the site of the small sony women we understand how they targeted, limit if n & rsquo; s no & rsquo; & rsquo impression that; the can & rsquo; to match its new varnish like !

Since that & rsquo; they were announced on the net, balance between my heart… I did not know what to do… Then j & rsquo; took my small mimines and asked that & rsquo; one pays me the little HP like this, just to test the beast.




It is my home since Friday, and all my doubts are confirmed : one is the fact & rsquo; one for & rsquo; another. The fleu-flowers I love, it weighs nothing (1kg), its red cover is adorable, and its handling is super simple, the touchpad is very pleasant, and the keys are not too riquiquis (ok j & rsquo; have p & rsquo; tits fingers, but my fiance and his lumberjack hands confirm !).



And big big good point : it comes with windows xp and vista not this crap that I curse all day at my laptop and taff (are you sure ? Are you realy really sure ?). It runs fast, for & rsquo; strenuous and demanding that I am impatient, has a 60GB hard drive to store my thousands of photos, the sound is perfect and the little details here and there (as the key “entry”…) make me crack. Only micro flats : we must not rely too see the keys when there is little light, and n & rsquo; there is no VGA connector :(



In the war of pc mimis, Mini and cute for girls I think HP has won my heart. Oui je sais, c & rsquo; is zero as comparative test saw I n & rsquo; have not had the hands vaio p, but I & rsquo; have the right & rsquo; illogical, and corrupted by the beautiful patterns that glow, I am a girl ! En plus, HP costs just half of sony (which is € 1000, gloups !) so I can m & rsquo; buy a few pairs of shoes to match my PC pockety, on !

For those who want to crack, it is found to Fnac.

Edit : Gasp ! You are almost all mac…. So I hate this system and mode of operation of macs I did not think you were so numerous. Good c & rsquo; not matter, it happens, I will not angry ;)


S & rsquo; there is indeed something that makes me happy c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; we wonder what DSLR j & rsquo; use for my photos. Because I n & rsquo; have not, it proves that the photo n & rsquo; is not necessarily a question of stuff but more a matter of respect and framing. Mais is… I'll have to stop doing clever with my little camera because I made fun m & rsquo; finally providing digital SLR.

Alors mes p’tits cocos, I announce that you will eat the picture for a while as I m & rsquo; fun with this gear ! My man and my two cats already hate me because I shoot without stopping burst, yet a trial for the patience of my fiancé, Will he overcome ? Nothing & rsquo; is less certain, I feel his face twitched on my shots progressibement. J & rsquo; took photos every corner of my apart, each object by testing all possible modes and settings. The most annoying when s & rsquo; buys a new toy c & rsquo; is that & rsquo; n & rsquo it; in B & rsquo; no immediate need, so we did n & rsquo; s history of anything & rsquo; use. J & rsquo; so have more 500 good pictures to throw in stock, but c & rsquo; not matter, je m’amuse.

And I m & rsquo; amuses me seriously madame, oui, I typed my whole manual, in up and down and across. Nothing m & rsquo; more than those who annoys s & rsquo; buys a mental patient device and take all their pictures in automatic total fashion, I do not see the & rsquo; roll of interest 30 km / h apart in ferrari for show. I know, I never do me a lot of & rsquo; friends when I say that, but I m ​​& rsquo; cares !

For more advanced curious, my new toy is a canon 450D, j & rsquo; s got & rsquo; kit lens that is not too bad, and that & rsquo; an EF 50 f/1.8 . Above all, I am using the last, my delirium currently being rather portraits, without much light and without flash (d & rsquo; where the stuffed fiance… ). I also am pleased about macros, and especially, use a fixed lens m & rsquo; forcing me to move to frame, and therefore continue to make an effort on that. J & rsquo; also my pleasure to be able to make framing weak ground, flush d & rsquo; a wall, because I can also do my shooting with the & rsquo; screen, which is the top considering the price that I & rsquo; have paid my big toy.

My only regret c & rsquo; d is & rsquo; have completely dropped my film SLR ago 5 years old. I am not ill at débrouillais & rsquo; time for I & rsquo; had learned the photo with a physics teacher, and I & rsquo; & rsquo have the; printing & rsquo; have forgotten, c & rsquo; is very con yes, it m & rsquo; learn to do the lazy !

On this I leave you, with my less bad shots, to taste with eyes… (and before any mockery, oui, I know, I want my camera like a potato !).



You want to disengage from canalblog, but a lot of things holding you back : and I'm too lazy, the fear of losing your readers, your articles, your comments… J & rsquo; was a little like you there is just one month, it was simply out of the question to leave. To win what d & rsquo; first ? Freedom already, the pleasure & rsquo; being at home, to do what you want, can finally customize it as you please, d & rsquo; use all inaccessible from your crappy plugins host.

And I found aujourd & rsquo; hui that I & rsquo; did well, I am very proud of my new home, even if it was of course work, and honestly, I am far from & rsquo; having lost. You have all followed, I don & rsquo; have not lost readers, only visitors from google with their salacious queries about passing 1/2 Second on my blog. It will take me some time to find my SEO, but n & rsquo; is frankly not the most important.

So if you want to fly on your own, and lazy is exceeded, you can roll up your sleeves and put you there. I will not detail the phases : purchase & rsquo; a domain name and d & rsquo; an accommodation, et installation de wordpress, a bunch of tutorials on the web will help you. Here I will just explain to you how to get your articles, and c & rsquo; is not bad ! Continue reading