Neon thank you
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? ? Oh la la mercy mercy mercy ? ? lalalalalala, this song stuck in my head (nothing to see yet) since I went for my camera at crackle thank you, the first charity shop in Paris (since the time that & rsquo; we envied our friends concet d & rsquo; across the Channel) which opened recently Boulevard Beaumarchais.

I am not too stopped on merchandise that m & rsquo; s had & rsquo; air gniiiii houuu gnaaa, hum, hum, class rather my friends, otherwise j & rsquo; there would have spent the day. Non, j & rsquo; had come discover the place, and nothing but the place, gniii (hard). Because I & rsquo; felt that & rsquo; one could write a lot about thank you, but that & rsquo; in fact you have to see to understand the & rsquo; magnitude of this place.

On and breathe, on s’y promène, as in a large house, we attracted a crowd of small objects, colors and materials, is beautiful. I leave you with images :

L & rsquo; entrance and Fiat 500 rouge :

fleurs jaunes

fiat 500 rouge

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The little corner Female woman :

merci néon

Merci createur

merci lustre

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The cage shoes :

merci chaussures

merci escarpins

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The corner Annick Goutal :

annick goutal

corner annick goutal .


Le petit coin white which which :

merci deco


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L & rsquo; flowered entrance dippy and caicaisse :


merci fleurs


rouge gorge

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The library :

Merci bibliotheque

merci livre

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The area under the Vintage & rsquo; staircase :



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Corner Boys :

merci homme

merci playboy

Fauteuil cuir

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The Deco corner :

deco merci .


Haberdashery :


boutons mercerie

merci mercerie

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Children's corner :


meuble blanc

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Go also see pretty pictures made by Anne-so, and of course, go to the shop !

Thank you*
111 Boulevard Beaumarchais
75003 Paris

*All profits from the shop are donated to the & rsquo; homeowners association and Marie France Bernard Cohen (founders of "Bonpoint" and “bon ton”) : Madagascar children.