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Eyelash Extensions Les Cils de Marie *

When I was 20 years old, I couldn't live without mascara. I was not a very confident person, and I thought I was prettier (or less ugly depending on the day) with mascara I felt safe. I couldn't go out without mascara, never .

I do not know when I stopped wearing mascara, there were no triggering event, it changed slowly and now I realize that I never wear any anymore. I don't need it anymore to feel comfortable, and as it is a bit long to put it on in the morning and take it off in the evening, I suppressed it from my daily routine. because I like it to be simple.

Then one day I was proposed to test eyelash extensions and I said ok (I had seen it on a friend and I found it crazy). For me it was just something for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, something for rich people, but I still said ok for testing.

And the result was amazing.

First, It is pretty crazy to wake up in the morning with those eyes, out of bed, doe eyes (which helps a lot to make the little puffy eyes waking disappear).

And the reactions around me were unanimous, everyone noticed it, and thought it was pretty. I got only positive and spontaneous comments, it was pretty cool.

My only dilemma : is : do I continue or not ? I think it is a pretty addictive stuff, like when you wear eye-liner. But I swear, it is so nice to wake up with makeup, I'm really tempted to go back, and maybe try something a little more crazy . It represents a budget : approximately €70/ month, It's something but some people use it for cigarettes, and as don't smoke so why not ? :D


Royal Monceau-12

Royal Monceau-12

Royal Monceau – 37 Avenue Hoche, 75008 Paris

A few months ago I started looking for the magic pool where I could go relax in the weeks Paris j & rsquo; can not anymore.

My problem c & rsquo; n is I & rsquo; especially like to swim : I suck (j’ai eu -1 the patent pool because I & rsquo; was slow and I m & rsquo; was held beside ahem), j & rsquo;'m cold in & rsquo; water below 25 degrees and I & rsquo;'m always afraid d & rsquo; s have & rsquo; water in the nose (j & rsquo; reaches the sinuses burn me in the shower to tell).

Add to that that I & rsquo; do not want to put a cap that pulls the hair and that I & rsquo; like it when there are too many people pushing me in the corridors when I just want to dip as a child.

You are not too the friend you feel like d & rsquo; to take her to the pool believe me.

J & rsquo; I decided that the pool c & rsquo; was not too much for me, continuing to dream of floating at the bottom of & rsquo; water with a diving mask on days when I'm feeling super stressed.

And then one day I came across cet article which lists the d & rsquo pools, luxury hotels in Paris that sell subscriptions or access to the day spa and pool them squarely proposes & rsquo; access to all that if you pay a massage at home. o_O I did not know Haaaaaan ! J & rsquo; so I dug very seriously the issue.

Pay me a massage at a spa I always find it expensive and I do not too much, but if more I can spend the day reading a book and go float in & rsquo; water every hour on the beach as I'm really starting lineup.

Du coup, just to see and before I launch into a subscription or & rsquo; purchase 10 days in one of these pools (it costs still sweet) I went to test the pool at the Royal Monceau Spa My Blend by contacting the & rsquo; s press attaché & rsquo; hotel. And that m & rsquo; liked, I think when it will start to return to beautiful and that I & rsquo;'ll need to clear my head. And you would put the price there for a real big day of relaxation (I l & rsquo;'ve ever done) ?

Royal Monceau

Royal Monceau-4

Royal Monceau-5

Royal Monceau-6
Royal Monceau-7

Royal Monceau-9

Royal Monceau-10


Nothing to see, j & rsquo; like stairs ;)

There is a little more & rsquo; one month, I was spinning street Douais ready to live a little experiment that m & rsquo; had always wanted : go to a reflexologist.

At the risk of offending some (pity if you don & rsquo; re not d & rsquo; agreement, be courteous), I am more than suspicious aujourd & rsquo; hui with our Western medicine. I hate the way doctors treat us like children and s & rsquo; deal with symptoms more than causes, the lack of humanity and professionalism that I have seen in some hospitals with my family in recent years, lack of psychology in general, le business des pharmacies…

I am often reluctant, certainly wrong when & rsquo; s it & rsquo; d is & rsquo; go to the doctor, even when I & rsquo; have to swallow tablets. When I & rsquo; have a cold, Vianney (who is a pharmacist) suggest me a hot lemon as fervex, that is to say…

J & rsquo;'ve always been a little attracted to oriental medicines and their preventive dimension (who is sorely missed) never too m & rsquo; be rubbed. When Jennifer Lafontan m & rsquo; proposed to test its services j & rsquo; have therefore charged ahead.

J & rsquo; confess j & rsquo; have always found it strange that & rsquo; it can act on the organs or through the feet… But why not after all a massage tootsies can relax the whole body d & rsquo; an amazing way (j & rsquo; was tested in Thailand).

Alors, how it goes ? Jennifer m & rsquo; set in a small cozy and sunny apartment, it is quite nice, j & rsquo; & rsquo have the d & rsquo impression to deal with a good girlfriend. She begins by asking me lots of questions about my life and my health hygiene to know where my weaknesses. Then sets a target for the whole session : j & rsquo; would have less back pain.

It made me choose a massage oil (divine oils Dr Hauschka that I & rsquo; had discovered the house & rsquo; hosts Stella Cadente) and I m & rsquo; lying on the table. Jennifer began to feel my feet while chatting, my tissue apparently gave him information on the tensions and imbalances that prevail in my organization… Even if all this seems obscure, I am silent and I & rsquo; expect to see results.

The session ends with a small balance, Jennifer told me that & rsquo; she perceived, weaknesses that & rsquo; she detected, that & rsquo; she tried to rebalance. She noticed things I did not tell him, c & rsquo; s fun… As if my feet m & rsquo; had betrayed. She said having worked my column, and I & rsquo; waiting to see.

The following days I don & rsquo; have not immediately noticed changes, but I & rsquo; had less pain in the back. No miraculous way, but my back was positioned better, naturally. Who Jennifer or the strength of my credulous mind have had this effect ? I do not know, l & rsquo; & rsquo significant c; is d & rsquo; go well after all ?

C & rsquo; was a first test, it was conclusive about me. Jennifer m & rsquo; proposed to revert once a month, j & rsquo; have always sought a form of preventive medicine and for now this one really pleases me. For those so inclined, I'll make a small balance after several months to tell you whether c & rsquo; is conclusive.

For questions or making appointments you will find everything on le site de Jennifer. Otherwise you can contact her on my part :