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My guide to Paris and beyond

First I wanted to say a big thank you for the discussion we had on the previous post, it was interesting to have your back. MERCI

I took a week off to rest after le festival we organized last weekend with a beautiful day and I took the opportunity to rearrange a little the blog, especially my little guide to Paris. I always did everything myself here so as not to base my work it took me some time ^^

I absolutely pinne on a map all the pretty places I took pictures on the blog, it can give you ideas for walks like this. I also tried to ensure that it also works on mobile (I drooled hat round), not say that it works for everyone, but I did my best !

I also better optimized small stories and photos made here and there in nice hotels or Parisian shops and I spread a little throughout France since I also had some nice things to list on that side.

I also decided to put more value in the places where I make pictures like I did in this post (I am greatly inspired me Carry Blog wish wish wish).

C’est cool, reorganizing all that it made me want to explore more and redo photos in shops or restaurants that I love (my I realized how rubrique shopping was poor on my Paris guide o_O).

So hey hey I still seeking a little, Is it that there are things that interest you in this guide ? Something I am not yet, je ne sais pas. Did you had already consulted ?




Le Crazy Horse – 12 avenue George V Paris

Last week, I went for the first time in my life where Crazy Horse Clarins was the press presentation of his new campaign Joli Rouge.

I thought it was pretty crazy of them to join this legendary Parisian cabaret, I was curious so I went to see.

I was not sure to love the atmosphere, d & rsquo; & rsquo to be; comfortable, d & rsquo; really enjoy the show. J & rsquo; was pleasantly surprised, d & rsquo; first discovering places, a tiny room, very intimate, red lined from floor to ceiling, with a stage so close to the first rows that & rsquo; one can caress through the curtains.

Clarins had worked a special review with the Crazy Horse and I & rsquo; have been blown away by the show : as I m & rsquo; there expecting the girls were sublime, as I m & rsquo; y least expecting their nakedness m & rsquo; not embarrassed at all (Yet j & rsquo; was ranked first, veeeeeery kind sooooo close). They carry a background color that gives the & rsquo; feel their body is covered d & rsquo; a powdery veil, c & rsquo; was disturbing.

I who tends since I live in Paris snubbing a little everything tourists dream of seeing in Paris, I gently come back to my position and it does me no harm (le Lido the closing hours had already calmed down a little).

If you have the & rsquo; & rsquo opportunity; go there do not miss it ;)

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Crazy Horse-5

Crazy Horse-4
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Crazy horse-49

Crazy Horse-7

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Crazy Horse-11

Crazy Horse-22

Crazy Horse-33


Crazy Horse-41

Crazy Horse-42

Crazy Horse-45
Crazy horse-51

Crazy Horse-43

Maha coffee (12)
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Maha coffee (12)

Asos shirt, Ballerinas Topshop, Wolford tights *., Tabio socks *, short Topshop, LIPSTICK ARMANI ECSTASY No. 301 GIO *

Leaving d & rsquo; an appointment for a nice project, j & rsquo; was looking d & rsquo; a small restaurant where I would not feel punished me not to eat meat. When I came across this little wonderland boulevard Saint Germain : le Maha Café. An Indian ++ where vegetarian dishes are of course on the menu.

The look of this little cafe m & rsquo; attracted before the dishes : all colors, paper luminaries, The large counter and ceramic & rsquo; shape of a small train seating and shelves above.

All that m & rsquo; liked it so much that & rsquo; m there & rsquo; sent the Pinterest link that & rsquo; he shared with architects who worked on the site. C & rsquo; was super nice to see a bit the genesis of it.

Go check it out, to drink a little tea imported bio d & rsquo; india, un Lassie (yogurt house + syrup), Indian small cakes are delicious (the almond messoub yum). Also test the masala chai, milk with spices and delicious tea. And do a lil hello to the young boss of me ;)

Maha coffee (18)

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