little dress red-14
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little dress red-14

Robe Zara – photos taken on a balcony of Meurice

I bought this little wonder in September 2011, There are any stack hair 5 years old (I realize only now, do not believe that I celebrate the anniversaries of my clothes :D).

It was the collection Zara with Charlotte Lebon, the brand came to launch its e-shop and I had ordered it online. I had received it in a small package of folded in tissue paper. I loved it so much this little dress.

Whenever I am asked a picture of me I send that ci, the door, It's almost become a small part of my identity.

When I did not know what to wear and need that I feel uncomfortable she always came to the rescue, She was perfect in all circumstances. With its small skirt length perfect always in good shape, its small epaulettes of self-confidence and its good color mine (red cherry tomato when it is white as an ass it flatters the complexion), She out me of all situations : make them you seriously at the Bank, public presentations and the romantic evenings.

His thick and elastic fabrics combined beautifully maintained and comfort (and then I could wear and T-shirts well thick Damart below unless you see).

I worn down it to the marrow, bluntly. I reach every winter.

And then the cat to strolled its claws by there, I also left a Hung pin too long on his heart, and fired on a thread where I shouldn't have. She lived, It starts to be too presentable the cute. Then I carry less, This winter nearly not.

And impossible to find another you think well. I have purchase duplicate reflex only recently. And then it is difficult to identify a garment that you will love for life with the myriads of temptations that lead us to adultery each season.

This kind of small punctured heart gives me more and more want to put me hyper seriously to couture. I have less desire to change clothes continuously and becoming more basic reflex of love that I leave more. I want to make them my basic, gnawing, and in re - manufacture when good seems to me ;)

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little dress red-13

Robe Zara, Wolford tights *., baskets Puma

Hotel the Lantern-15
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Hotel the Lantern-15

Wildfox T-shirt, maillot de bain Oysho, swimming pool Hotel the Lantern

My dream always, type the first thing that I put on my list of “If I was rich” It is an indoor heated pool. I have this fantasy since adolescence and mandatory pool courses where I caillais me the loaves crying (I am cautious over 9000), I dreamed of a pool as to me and well hot “When I would be great”.

I'm still not rich, I still hate both the municipal swimming pool (mon kiff c’est nager sous l’eau avec un masque et RIEN D’AUTRE, then the corridors of swimming is not my thing (and bath cap, rather die)), and I do not have my pool. Too hard my life.

But suddenly, as soon as I have an invitation that includes a moment of softness with heated swimming pool I throw myself on (like here, to take a spa day if there is a pool for me it's worth everything). J’ai visité et testé quelques hôtels pour My Parisian address book, and the pools are rare.

So I was super enthusiastic to the idea of testing the Lantern hotel, first because it is in a nice area of Paris where I will that too little often and then because it has a swimming pool. Super jolie, Super Hot, with Princess Hamman. I rolled in the mosaic in this T-shirt on which I just cracked recently but I had not yet been able to bring report to the fact that it is winter. Too hard a life.

It is strictly reserved for guests of the hotel, But if you plan to get a week-end in lovers in Paris, the swimming pool is for me the argument of shock.

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Hotel the Lantern-24

Hotel the Lantern-20

Hotel-the-Lantern-5 - copy
Hotel the Lantern-5 - copy

Hotel the Lantern-17

Installation preferred : schoolgirls me

Hotel the Lantern-23

Hotel-the-Lantern-4 - copy
Hotel-the-Lantern-4 - copy
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Belted Coat & lined sleeves from Asos, Asos shirt

I continue my quest for the perfect little coat, in green, Green is my passion since I became a redhead (I'm a redhead for a long time now, I know, but since I am I'm always looking for pretty green clothing).

In my top 3 I have this super Slytherin green coat, and then last year I bought this olive green Duffle coat I wear it all the time (moreover my second passion is navy blue, and I desperately looking this coat in navy blue (it is of course sold out) if someone wants to sell it to me I'll be so happy :D)

With this new one I have now a beautiful khaki coat, I'm getting to have everything for any eventuality.

Everyone must have a hobby :D

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Belted Coat & lined sleeves from Asos, Asos shirt, sac Lancel vintage, tregging Asos, Chelsea boots Jonak *