Tights heart * – Gambette box February

I spend my summers and winters in mini shorts, c & rsquo; is easy, it's not going too badly and c & rsquo; s how I feel good. My 2 fetish shorts start firing head slightly (the curse of favorite cheap clothes…) but I'm holding.

C & rsquo; is also a great dressing room when traveling because it takes up no space, especially when the weather changes, with a mini shorts just add tights.

J & rsquo; therefore have at home a 1m by 50cm drawer that contains only tights. I must have a good fifty in 20D, 30D, 40, 50D… 100D, Merino, in cotton, striated, côtelés, Glitter, Embroidered, in plumetis, spotted, scratched… Grosse collection, I am a little emotional and I need a little time to throw my tights damaged even if I do the dishes more.

I know the & rsquo; team of brilliant little French box My Little Paris since the beginning(avec My secret patio address), and seeing my love for tights, it m & rsquo; proposed a small collab.

The box Gambette box this month with his red and black tights with hearts so my door seal, and you will find my photos. J & rsquo; s like & rsquo; idea of ​​getting every month a little something in the mail (except my bank is world largest m & rsquo; writing aujourd & rsquo; hui), especially if they are owls tights made in Italy ;)


Elephant - Lisa dressing (13)

Lisa, of the group Elephant

I'm a great big curious of & rsquo; inside the other. No I am not a dangerous psychopath who cut his congener to admire the guts, I wanted to say is that I & rsquo; d have always wanted & rsquo; being a small mouse to go wandering around the apartments of others and see how c & rsquo; is damn, Finished, decorated, enlightened, etc… I'm a big consumer of archi interior emissions and Deco – my drug of me.

J & rsquo; have therefore asked Lisa Group Elephant, like this, because & rsquo; we exchange emails for quite d & rsquo; years now and that I & rsquo; love his music, style and energy, if she would m & rsquo; open the doors of her closet. You may remember articles that I & rsquo; had made on his group after our meeting in a cafe and more recently their concert at zebra. I'm always a fan of Miss outfits in her videos and I know that c & rsquo; the queen is to find small items in thrift stores crazy or just among major retailers.

Elephant - Lisa dressing (3)

So I asked him especially to show me her stage outfits and clips, his favorite parts and obsessions of the moment. With the stories that go with.

The outfits d & rsquo; artist

Elephant - Lisa dressing (11)

Elephant - Lisa dressing (12)
Elephant - Lisa dressing (14)

Elephant - Lisa dressing (20)

Elephant - Lisa dressing (9)
Elephant - Lisa dressing (26)

Elephant - Lisa dressing (5)

Elephant - Lisa dressing (7)

Elephant - Lisa dressing (16)

Elephant - Lisa dressing (48)

You will recognize some stage costumes including his famous sequined pink dress that was made entirely by hand by a girlfriend to her from & rsquo; a bellydance bra (this dress is mad but watch her scratching to die). We also see in the Dance Dance and we only see this dress in the landscape !

There is also the beautiful white dress clip “Rien” (Zara) and body “glittery heart” (Asos) and “Collective mon amour” the clip of the same name – body d & rsquo; otherwise cobbled together from d & rsquo; a tank top, Smart Lisa !

And also a beautiful black sequin dress because Lisa saw a little too pink l & rsquo; last year and it has a bit fed ;)


Elephant - Lisa dressing (46)

Elephant - Lisa dressing (49)

Elephant - Lisa dressing (37)

Basic like all girls : a small leather jacket that never leaves, un parfum Musk de Kiehl’s, and a very beautiful bag. Bag that I envied him a lot especially when m & rsquo; s recounted & rsquo; winning a charity evening…

His obsessions of the moment

Elephant - Lisa dressing (22)

Elephant - Lisa dressing (36)

Elephant - Lisa dressing (33)

Elephant - Lisa dressing (28)

It s & rsquo; not bad found on that, Lisa swears by small sweets (Here those that & rsquo; they sell on their website) and short sweaters and shorts tall. All the same…


Elephant - Lisa dressing (1)

Elephant - Lisa dressing (2)

Elephant - Lisa dressing (24)

Elephant - Lisa dressing (39)

Miss also has a nice little collection of jewels that shine, thousands of shoes and some objects brought foufou travel dotting his apartment.

Elephant - Lisa dressing (44)

Lisa thank you !

His news : A concert in the La Cigale 14 May 2014 and clip Dance Dance


Crédits : Video : Éléonore Bridge & Fabien Gilles, Assistant : Estelle Papa, décor : Original hotel, apparatus : canon EOS M, goal : Canon 50mm 1.2 L USM

A few weeks ago, We a little disturbed the tranquility of a small nice hotel to turn this a little funny video.

This is a moment that I & rsquo; d & rsquo feel like, and make me a little rub to a media other than the photo but I lacked ideas and above all an opportunity.

Du coup, Canon when m & rsquo; commissioned a video test its EOS M j & rsquo;'ve gathered my accessories, Fabien taken under the arm and found a nice place to try to do something nice.

Therefore, no other experience than stupid films I was doing to the camcorder with my sister when we were teens that I started, without even have really tested the aircraft until it landed in hotel Original avec 2-3 ideas in mind.

The videos that & rsquo; we loved most to do with my sister when we were little girls were the videos “magic” type “my beloved witch” with objects that change color or disappear d & rsquo; a snap. We wanted to do the same.

All n & rsquo; not very successful, but I find it funny, and as I & rsquo; was able to use my super lens on the small cannon (with a ring d & rsquo; adaptation) we really could make pretty pictures (c & rsquo; d & rsquo was funny, elsewhere, l & rsquo; goal was bigger than the & rsquo; camera).

C & rsquo; is a start and I do not expect m & rsquo; stop there :)

For the curious of clothes I wear : culottes skirts star Japanese unknown brand, Sequined stilettos Mellow Yellow, sac My Suelly, Pin’s disney, jacket flower forever 21 and black jacket Asos