favorite summer-7

favorite summer-7

Mini fan usb Muji, Solar Aesop body cream, Brightness of the day pretty balm Clarins *., Varnish Color Show 455 Traffic stop Gemey Maybelline *.

I take enough little care of me in general : I go to the hairdresser when the situation becomes really too critical, my manicure is still a work of contemporary art and I make up less and less over the years (need I tell you this simple ritual, fast and effective that I developed to lose the least amount of time possible at this stage in the morning).

When I think of my twenties where I couldn't leave my home without mascara I laugh softly. Having taken everything trust me year after year no doubt encouraged me to gradually abandon my small make-up mask that reassured me to face the world. And c & rsquo; so much the better.

But summer, with a little more time before me (This is my time hollow on the job), the outputs more frequent, and the Sun which puts me in a better mood I make a little more effort to make me pretty. Nothing very foolish, but here's my small pleasures of summer :

False eyelashes


favorite summer-3

False eyelashes posed one by one – Marie eyelashes *.

I had already talked about the lashes of marie here. I do not all the time because I found it too addictive as trick (It's so awesome to wake up masked), but for summer it is ideal : You can swim without mascara flowing and take anyway for a mermaid with super long lashes. And especially make the minimal effort because summer normally it is too pretty thanks to the Sun to have wanted to take the lead in applying makeup ^^

A sunscreen that tailgates


favorite summer-5

Solar body cream – Aesop

Me who still want to make a minimum, I have never done the impasse on sunscreen (I put even the rest of the year on my face and my hands to tell you, that if you are interested). But to avoid having to be bothered, the unstoppable thing is to find one whose fragrance is super fun. My favorite from last year : sunscreen Aesop essential oils of mint (It is cool on the skin do nothing to spoil). I put it on the neckline, the neck and arms every day. Super fun for summer <3

A lip balm


favorite summer-6

Brightness of the day pretty balm – Clarins *.

I like less wear red lipstick summer, I don't know why I find too primed ca (but it's personal). But with the Sun I take more care of my lips. I have dozens of lip balms purchased annually, I always test a new trick. Until then I only jurais by Yes to carrots with Mint. But this year I received Clarins lip balm *. who feels the nectarine and I love it. I bought a second to have a morning when I am preparing and one still in my bag. I dabbled me even to make a stock to would come them the preposterous idea of stop it.


A perfect varnish


favorite summer-4

Varnish Color Show 455 Traffic stop – Gemey Maybelline *.

I believe that this is the top of the products that I get more year-round. We keep everything in a box in one day for our photo shoots, While it always uses the same red :D this year I embarked for the holidays a lot of varnish, history of changing colors every day (I had nothing to do by the pool). And my grand prize winner : This small Gemey Perfecto red cherry confit and Matt varnish. I love it !



And after all that I'd tell you a pretty pedicure, but I too like to walk barefoot for that. I never have pretty toes but it's not serious ^^

And then I have a pretty hair but I too lazy, then I put a hat :D

C & rsquo; is the holidays !


Under the beard, there is skin and it needs to be addressed she told me one day.
At the beginning, I therefore refourger "tricks for the skin".

– "Oh darling, a moisturizer. »
– " More, what is it for ? »
– « Bah ! A hydrate ! »
– « … »
– "More you, when it feels tight after shower ! »
– « Ok, I see. »

– "This is the scrub"
– "To scratch the face ? »
– "This is to remove dead skin ! You should use this before your cream, for what penetrates. »
– " If you say so… "

Au début, I used it occasionally, when I saw the bottle and she told me to put my cream. But in fact, I discovered this winter it's the little things very well. I advise you today:
– scrub the face T PUR ;
– moisturizing and energizing cream High Recharge ;
– for those like me who are a little (even much) Palotai, the powder Badger Power Bronze
– and in addition once a week to make a mask with white clay to purify T PUR skin.
I know all these products come from Biotherm but I do not work for them (we do not have in the pharmacy where I work). I've tested different brands and even if the level of the active compounds all brands offer approximately the same, Biotherm products texture is really nice.

But what I can advise you what is best to avoid excessive sun exposure : it messes up the skin including the desiccant, but especially that of melanoma file (skin cancers) whose incidence has doubled in the space of 20 years old. And believe me, right now I work inInstitut Curie, Cancer is a real dirt.