My new thing of the moment : finally make a real breakfast, something that gives pleasure, simple to make, with small variations.

I work partly at home, the morning I start slowly at home and I'm going to the office at the beginning of & rsquo; afternoon, this is my little rhythm. And so, Unfortunately, I always start by sticking me in front of the computer, yet awakened and eyes all glued, a tea in hand. Usually the only thing I swallow before 1:30 p.m., As I hurry to swallow pasta with gruyere a hurry before spinning at the office.

I feed bad, j & rsquo; have always 1000 more interesting things to do than prepare to eat. And as I repeat it here since the beginning of & rsquo; year as a mantra : it has to stop.

So for the morning j & rsquo;'ve found something that suits me a lot right now : yogurt (sheep or soya) + granola + fruit (banana, strawberry, raspberry, Mango by season) + Syrup & rsquo; maple.

For the & rsquo; & rsquo time j; have too l & rsquo; air tired and I & rsquo; am pleased to prepare a little something. C & rsquo; is somewhat the key j & rsquo; & rsquo have the; printing : take pleasure in dining. And as c & rsquo; entered a sort of & rsquo; habit, I don & rsquo; d never forget & rsquo; have the right ingredients in my fridge.

Gradually I will build myself a little routine to stop feeding me n & rsquo; anyhow !



Photo credits : Grace Heriott

I am an incorrigible slacker, I still do not REALLY put myself in the kitchen as promised in my resolutions & rsquo; year. I mean REALLY, because I get to eat, salads ptites, j & rsquo; try. But I don & rsquo; have learned nothing, no clever gesture, cook something or to customize key recipe.

J & rsquo; So I thought I & rsquo; would feel like m & rsquo; put starting with cakes, because that & rsquo; is pretty and so I could take pictures (grooooos engine about me, l & rsquo; a good idea to make my instagram leader & rsquo; work), and it makes everyone happy. And I bought this book is fufu !


Hyper pretty, with all the basics of pastry, info “chemistry” from the kitchen to delight the 1st class in me, and cherry on the black forest, that & rsquo it looks; it can mount a choux pastry fingers in the nose (all these expressions marry so badly :D).

I will m & rsquo; put yes if if promised, to one day reach the ankle of these pretty things :



Nice kitchen notebook offered by my Reusse

When I & rsquo; d & school was rsquo; s procédais I still like that to put me on a project : starting with boards make pretty patterns to launch me. C & rsquo; was a bit pointless because in the end I do not really was presenting a when finished, but it made me want to start.

J & rsquo; started to do the same for me in the kitchen (One of my resolutions & rsquo; year) : j & rsquo; pinne have plenty of pretty things, very simple recipes, all the things that I & rsquo; really love, and I bought lots of books owls (whose sublime books Marabout “My first vegetarian dinner” and “Seeds cereals and pulses”)



I already told you, but I & rsquo; try to eat less meat for over & rsquo; a year now : j & rsquo; eat at home but not in & rsquo; outside (in possible, I didn & rsquo; starves not ^^) (if the subject tickles you this mini book is extra).

So to get me to cook mostly vegetarian I seek the & rsquo; inspiration, I make lists of ingredients that I & rsquo; like most and what makes me want, dishes I already mastered to improve, spice, twister, I note right left simple recipes (more 4 ingredients and j & rsquo; abandons). For the & rsquo; n & now all that rsquo; not very organized but will soon thanks to my lovely recipe book offered by my beloved sister ^^

(If you know of cooking blogs that offer recipes for dummies that m & rsquo; interests)

That's all my lovely pine kitchen, cakes and simple dishes that I & rsquo; love most in the world (sardines in & rsquo; oil and egg shells being must of my life with hummus and & rsquo; lawyer) :