javotte and anastasie

javotte and anastasie

“pfffff it is designed this one”

“So You're blogger ?”. The person who asked this question is not especially malicious, she just trying to start a conversation, without suspecting for a second that I inwardly bous.

“Blogger”, that's a term that resonates with me almost like an insult for some time now. Blame it on what exactly I can not tell you, rather to a set of things.

At the press that strives for years to pass those who have managed to build a community and almost live on their small personal issue for impostors. Bang on “bloggers” it's the buzz, I can not even count the items dependent on paper or published online these 10 last years. Always the same condescending tone and preachy, contempt for journalists to blogging was enough to laugh few years ago, Today their little undermining the general public made its way.

A few unscrupulous bloggers who I do not want to be associated, a little young and can be a bit naive who eat all racks, accept any partnership with a mark provided that there is some zeros on the check, even denying all their principles and who become good sandwich too little women without realizing it. Most pretentious and disconnected from reality, talking about their “Small audience” being the most represented in the media, Sadly (they are only a handful, but enough to make us all go for bitches).

And also because I do not do that in life, and when they told me “then you are like that bloggers” I hear “so that way you spend your days doing your nails, posting photos on instagram and receive gifts Press”. Nobody did it, but it is the fantasy of many people about bloggers. I have a company 4 employees where I have a dozen caps, I work a lot, I therefore decline that summarizes what I am and made my simple blog. Yes I am blogger, inter alia. I spend 1/5 My work time, this is not what defines me first.

It will be you sound pretentious, je ne sais pas… Basically I am a little sad to have almost ashamed when I am asked if I am blogger. I have already had occasion to speak with bloggers Anglo Saxon, at home it's more pride. What has gone wrong with us ?

I was recently talking with a friend who is an actor who does a lot of videos with a big youtube channel, his fight to him is “no I'm not youtubeur, I'm an actor”. It's also a shame to be ashamed.

But to see as traditional media ridicule these newcomers (you surely have not missed Natoo in Ruquier), and how some youtubers would be willing to compromise for a big check, I can pretty well understand the.

So I'm interested to hear your opinion, it evokes to you what that word “blogger” ? Something negative ? Or I take my head for not much ?



Christmas celebrations, c & rsquo; is a good opportunity to grumble, as here and I can do the nasty, I m & rsquo; in their heart's content ! Place the wrong spirit of Christmas…

– It takes a tree that will destroy the cats 4 or 5 After breaking in passing all the balls.
– And I & rsquo; s'm lucky & rsquo; s it & rsquo; not electrocuted by chewing electrical garland.
– Fathers Christmas in supermarkets are freaking me, I imagine all sweaty in their costume.
– It gets upset every year with the family in which one can not go : papa, mom, in-law…
– You have to wrestle the worst family members, especially Uncle Michael and his extension pouches.
– J & rsquo; not like the log, oysters and Pyrenean.
– J & rsquo; not like toys that make music that unconscious offer kids : pony singing loop all day 25 merci !
– I hate the drive to the small singers wooden cross
– We will still force myself to eat oysters : “but tastes sooo c & rsquo are told, is good”.
– I do not know pretend d & rsquo; love my gifts
– And if I'm the head, I'm getting yelled at :”make an effort, c & rsquo; is christmas !!”

Naaaaaan j & rsquo; kidding, c & rsquo; s cool anyway, you can eat all full :) Go, merry christmas to all p & rsquo; tits buddies !


I'm a big talkative, but I prefer to say I'm talkative, it's prettier and c & rsquo; is truer (because & rsquo; in addition a lot about, j & rsquo; have a good flow)…And without exception the first two hours in the morning when it is better not to ask me questions, I am a real chatterbox : always something to say, on everything and n & rsquo; anything.

J & rsquo; started early, my mother likes to say that & rsquo; to 9 months pediatrician wrote on my health card “gibberish developed”, and that & rsquo; to 18 mois, while my cousin had the same age 2 vocabulary (analysis including benchmarking et tateu), I was saying “ja'll put my cardigan”. A real little monkey scientist, unbearable…

All my school reports tell the same thing “talkative”, “too talkative”, “too much chatter”… Too many things to say that could not wait for recess. Fortunately, sometimes I left some space in my daydream, it gave some respite to my class neighbors.

In high school, I found myself a nice boyfriend taciturn monologue which leaves me at will and which plague aujourd & rsquo; hui when I want to get into great discussions at midnight : I am painful, mais c’est comme ça, has to come out !

Yes c & rsquo; it's a little fact, I can not help myself, when it comes, I can not restrain myself long time and suddenly, I brace myself a little know if I'll get drunk everyone… But OK, this n & rsquo; is not you who will complain, if j n & rsquo; not have so much to say I don & rsquo; certainly have never opened this blog !