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For my trip to San Francisco tried to meet one of my latest whims : take a plane without luggage in the hold. I find it cool, chic, relaxed, and I've always wanted to be this cool girl, Chic and relaxed (good and also because I have the phobia that my luggage lost, less immediately relaxed the chick…).

Yes but now, I made a big mistake : starting with only a backpack and a weekend bag. Weekend bag because I myself couldn't put it in the hold if necessary to return (too fragile, not secure…). So I had to restrict me on certain purchases of cosmetics Americans who have not crossed the security controls (100maxi ml) T_T

And, travel bag they say what one wants from a suitcase but it is faster the brothel. I had completed my bag to the millimeter and they emptied me it entirely under my eyes gawking at the baggage to a fucking bar SOAP that I had offered that was at the bottom of a Pocket. Of course they have left then figuring me for any re - store quickly done poorly done (with my plane in 20 min).

Cherry on the cake, I found myself with whatmille extra pounds on the shoulder to gallop in the airport on the return, I dreamt of small wheels. With my thick sweater that I had kept on me because it takes up too much space in the luggage, I was violet arrival at l ’ boarding. For the chic, the cool and it relaxed I was not still at the top.

Travel with only a cabin = F.A.I.L of fire

It was a good lesson for Sophie, now she will never travel with a travel bag and a backpack.

This mishap has taught me one thing : starting with only a cabin baggage that is, letting the opportunity to put it in the hold back is better, have a perfect suitcase cabin is perfection.

baggage cabin-5

Nature backpack & Discoveries, suitcase Delsey *.

baggage cabin-7

Now so I a small suitcase Delsey cabin *. in a very pretty blue which goes wonderfully with my small yellow backpack that I hang around with me.

It is solid and above all it has a secure lock : This code lock for which the airport have a key in case of suspicion on your luggage (language airport : a suspicious bag that does not open = baggage that it explodes)

Why it is important to close his baggage if you put it in the hold ? This is a great traveler who one day told me ca, When baggage is lost they are often put all together in large rooms and there are people who search and Yes. If your baggage is not inviolable but sufficiently dissuasive.

One day I'll tell you how I finally learned to optimize my suitcase and I will share with you my passion for perfect ^^ travel kits

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Thanks for all your small week words last it was really important for me to share it with you and I have carefully read all of your stories. Merci !

Today I wanted to talk to you about my insomnia problems and how I'm trying out ^^

I don't remember having problems before sleep my 25 years old. I've always been a big Marmot and I am not part of these fools who found that sleep is a waste of time. I love sleep, I find it sweet, and I could go back to sleep to infinity in the morning or after a NAP. I love this time can no longer fight and where we let ourselves go to sleep, I find that exhilarating feeling.

But paradoxically I've always hated to go to sleep. And as far as I can remember, child I said already “No dodo” When we put to bed, and I am always noted for playing in my room. I spent my childhood to make me yell at because I was never to bed at the time where the child should be.

I'm still at bottom in what I do, It always frustrates me to go to bed, I'm someone a little obsessive, and when I have an idea in mind there it gallops up and there is more room for sleep. But yet when I sleep, I am well and I want to stay there.

I started having real problems to fall asleep last year of DSAA in Boulle. It was the beginning of insomnia, do not sleep until 5 o'clock in the morning Sunday night because I pondered too to my project of end of year. It was hyper productive because I found a bunch of solutions to my problems, but it has exhausted me quickly. I came to my degree exhausted, and I had lost 4 kilos.

I called it my little creative insomnia, I couldn't find that much serious, even if it had somewhat changed my nights of permanently. Since I have to do regularly with these short nights, especially in times of big activity where I think my work continuously. And it exhausts me.

So I decided to finish and find solutions, because I can't keep everything what do I do if I can't find a little rest the night, at this rate I'll take me 10 years in the mouth and out me and I have no desire. And as he was out of the question that I take sleeping pills (My doctor prescribed me something on melatonin but I don't want to take) I have a little thought.

I have therefore sought to understand what makes that I'm not asleep, to identify the different cases and look for solutions adapted to every time. I always do what is called a “sleep onset insomnia” (If I wake the night I am always whole without worries, also in the morning, the problem with me is the initial sleep). So my different types of insomnia :


Digital insomnia ornament


When I later worked on my computer or that I spent my evening on the sofa on twitter, I feel that it affects my sleep. I have banned my room phone, I should also avoid 1 hour before going to bed. To avoid that the light of the screens have too much impact on me I have several tools : on my comp, I use the small software f.Lux which makes the more yellow light and aggressive months. For the phone I found a pretty con trick but that works : wear Sun glasses :D (Yes I have the air con). It seems that wearing sunglasses 1 hour before sleep helps to find sleep, in any case each time that I did it it worked.


Creative insomnia ornament


Light pen Nature and discovery, Muji notebook

I go to bed, I'm a little tired but not too much, I am quiet in my bed, No distraction, my mind is calm. And I start to think about something that amuses me, or a problem I want to solve, and bim I start pedalling on the small bike in my head. It can be an idea deco or redevelopment of my apartment (I can pick me up, Army of my meter to check measurements), the ideas for articles or. And it can last up to 5 h because I back loop my ideas in my head for not to forget. For this I found the solution : I bought a little pen with a small flashlight(for not waking up my guy with light) and a small notebook, and I note my ideas to free my mind. And hop I sleep quiet.


Insomnia without reason ornament



For no reason I do not sleep, I turn in my bed, I annoys me, I have the impression of wasting my time, and more I do it less I fall asleep. Hell !

Against it I discovered a great trick one day where I was doing a search on light therapy, I came across a site that talked about OLM, a little gadget that helps make the heart coherence.

I already knew this breathing technique that helps combat stress (I use the small relax respi on my iphone app) but I do had never tested it to bed because I have banned my room phone.

Moreover, When we can't sleep and it is pissed it is quite difficult to do only one exercise. OLM is a small light gadget that serves as a guide for the heart coherence, We focus on the light he projects from the ceiling.

I watched the videos of the site of the brand (and have discovered through the concept of insomnia sleep I mentioned above) and it intrigued me, I contacted them and they to sent me a test. I used it already 10 times and it worked 8 both 10. What is a small revolution for me, vraiment ! I never want to turn it on and do exercise but I have to admit that it works, then when night looks bad I turn it.


Bitch small insomnia ornament

I do not want to go to bed !

I called her like that because it really is when I do my small conne I make a. This is when I sleep while I'm tired, that I fight sleep while I should be in bed for 1 h, I start the episode in a series while it is 1 hour from the mast. After I go to bed, It is 2 h, the Sandman is already past, and we expect it to return. Against this insomnia I stopped fight. When I feel that I've let the train pass, that OLM has not worked, I'm getting up, I hold in my sofa, I put my sunglasses (Yes always ridiculous but I give a damn) and watching episodes of F.R.I.E.N.D.S trying to relax. Look at it this is exactly what need me : I spend a good time because I love, and at the same time I did not need to focus because I know the episodes by heart.


Roll with ginger Aesop

I also use this little roll that my sister gave me for my air travel. It became a small habit when I insomnia, I myself spend it on the wrists and neck. I am also using a tea, and all this little ritual helps me sleep. I end up waking in the sofa before an episode that turns and I go to sleep. And all's well that ends well ^^

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Okay I got enough temperature with my latest posts (about lists and resolutions), you do not have the air to take too me to a dingo, so I'll share with you my passion for storage.

As much I hate household (before that I pay someone to help me for this, a whole civilization was developed in my kitchen sink), as much storage excites me like crazy. For real.

I love that everything is stowed. But attention No matter how, It must be simple and intuitive. It must relieve the daily and especially not weighing. The idea is that it is better, not boring.

So for this I have a technique : I see where the objects land naturally, where I most often need, where I leave behind me after use. It is pointless to force : NI se, or those who live with you (In addition it makes it unbearable and you end up old alone with her cats). The important thing is not that things have a place but they have the right place for everyone.

And you need to know to adapt, Sometimes when a Cabinet has been changed, or changed things in his way of life, the storage that worked so well before must change. Again nothing no uses of force, it rots life.

When I realized where things should go, I'm looking for where it is easiest. There are things that must be accessible because they are used everyday : example the hair brush. Before I had decided that his place would be in a drawer, result it still landed on the bathroom sink. Now I the range in a small bucket directly next to the sink. Impossible to have bothered to reset its place.

And speaking of brush hair I noticed that I needed at different sites in me so I bought several to put at each location (bathroom, bedroom, entry). Hahaha looks like I live in a mansion but not I have 35 m 2 :D

Coats for example, I had decided that they would be suspended from hangers in the small closet of my entry, but my guy always left hanging around his on a Chair (the hanger because it was too boring in fact). So instead of making a drama I bought her a small Patera just for him on the door, and hop it hangs it there in two seconds. The key is that n ’ never annoys person and that everything is intuitive.

And then there are things that are used less often : all this can go in the closet or drawers.

Good care, It must be tidy otherwise when it is the brothel somewhere you have more scruples to everywhere. I spend a crazy time to find boxes that will go perfectly in my cupboards and drawers, because I'm crazy… Nah, I'm joking, I only have ikea furniture and they always pile hair to the right size boxes (These closet drawer organizers are great e.g., It works with all drawers pax). Then do you not take the head to store go to ikea, or otherwise go to Muji they full of great organizers drawers and fofolles boxes (I could empty my bank at Muji account). ♥︎ Mujiiiii ♥︎

So, I could talk for hours and there isn't the idea. The general idea is to especially be observed, understand how it works and to facilitate the life ^^

One day if I have time and you're wise I will make you pretty photos of all my storage squared ;)

If you want to learn with me how we can improve their lives by playing on small changes, or even out of his comfort zone in a multitude of area which are your daily life ? Enter your first name + preferred e-mail address and click on "Let's go ! Let's go !”

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