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Combi neoprene Roxy *., short Madewell, Chelsea Jonak boots *., Nature backpack & discoveries, Asos Cap *.

During the holidays I made a change a little special level Beach and swimming : Porter a combination of surf. I could not choose best timing this summer 2016 you don & rsquo; no idea !

I'm a big chilly, the girl no fun that doesn't want to go messing in the water if it is close to barely 20 °, and that screams when we splashes it into the pool. And when I let myself be tempted, I'm shivering at the end of 5 minutes and I get out of the water, shuddering.

I me am so not bad private swimming almost always so.

And then l & rsquo; last year, like this for messing around and make fun of me as a little, My sister told me : You should bathe in surf combi. J & rsquo; did “gna gna gna” and I think more about it until this summer where I thought it would be not so bad for the Canada.

So, It is as if it was stupid because the water of the lakes we saw in Alberta were not far from being frozen : 3 or (4) brrr so not even in dream I was putting a toe.

But not bad I wore this neoprene suit because I thought it was so cool and it kept me warm. I kept a passion of the gym body just (I am seriously considering to buy me) the distant time when I did the GRS and where I was looking all Gym competitions on TV with passion. And this combi almost gave me the feeling to wear one just to the body.

And, back in France, I went to spend a few days near Bordeaux at my dad, with my sister, little fish that swim whatever the temperature of the water. And for the first time in years I went catch waves in the face on a beach at Lacanau through my suit that protected me from the cold.

I'll spare you the stunned looks of the people watching me bathe in combi (where's the Board ? What's doing in combi water ?) in full news burkini. Great timing I warned you at the beginning of article. I was super happy to finally go back bathe cursing me to have not thought of that earlier. And then I hate to burn in the Sun that I had a good half of the body protected without me spread the back of cream yay !

Voilà, This summer has been a revelation and to the cold like me I would recommend, ridicule in combi without Board at the water's edge or not ^^

I also want to show you these pictures of Maligne Lake I forgot in my article on the Canada ;)










Holiday summer-31

Combishort Asos *., Nature backpack & Discoveries, Spartans Asos *., Asos hat

I know I repeat myself, but my new thing in travel/vacation is to go with a minimum of things. So I try to create me outfits that leave of the same element. I always loved it in magazines : a central element, several possibilities by changing accessories. Two rooms two atmospheres.

This summer I just cracked on This small combishort. I love the combishort, and yet I still regret having put a when I find myself having to put me half naked in the toilets of a bar to pee that might soak said combishort in the Bowl. Always a great time.

But I digress : on holiday so I took this combishort of love, with some options to wear differently : normal, avec Polka dot skirt or in short mode with a nice vest. And a hat because I too lazy to take care of my hair ^^

Holiday summer-27

Combishort Asos *., Nature backpack & Discoveries, Spartans Asos *., Asos hat, Jacket Boden *.

Holiday summer-45

Holiday summer-14
Holiday Summer-8


Combishort Asos *., Nature backpack & Discoveries, Asos hat, Skirt with polka dots Asos

Holiday summer-40

Skirt with polka dots Asos, Spartans Asos *.

Holiday summer-23

Holiday summer-41

Holiday summer-21

Holiday summer-19

Holiday summer-2
Holiday summer-5


Combishort Asos *., Nature backpack & Discoveries, Asos hat, Peas Asos skirt

Holiday summer-39

Holiday summer-33

Holiday summer-43

Holiday summer-34

Holiday summer-35

summer-10 holiday

Combishort Asos *., Skirt with polka dots Asos, Nature backpack & Discoveries, Sandals:&M, Asos hat

Holiday summer-48

Boots Chie Mihara-37
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Boots Chie Mihara-6

Emperor Asos, Wolford tights *., Nature backpack & Discoveries, skirt Asos, boots Chie Mihara *.

When I arrived in Paris the first year (in 2001, pfiouuu) I had a lightning strike in the subway, a young woman on the wharf, which was wearing gorgeous boots. I remember not having left them eyes until I lose the sight in the train of.

I was far too shy to ask her where she had purchased, with their small look retro I thought that she had bought in a thrift store and that I will never see them anywhere.

Until I fall nose-to-nose with them in the window of Garrice rue Saint Antoine near the small street where is nested my maid's room. I stuck my face to the window and I saw the price. It was far from what a student could afford.

So I put a bit of slot side, missed my birthday and Christmas, praying that they are always there and ended after all it. And I had my dream boots. I showed in one of the first posts from this blog…

It was boots Chie Mihara, they have not budged since and I have kept an unconditional love for the brand. Released this year a collection of shoes for brides absolutely divine, I totally cracked on those white boots that are very marry Poppins, majorette, Figure skater.

I the j'adooooore !

Comment Fabien Gilles & EB

Boots Chie Mihara-37

Boots Chie Mihara-19

Boots Chie Mihara-24

Boots Chie Mihara-5
Boots Chie Mihara-3

Boots Chie Mihara-30

Boots Chie Mihara-14

Boots Chie Mihara-17

Boots Chie Mihara-15

Boots Chie Mihara-33

Boots Chie Mihara-29