Hello ! This little note to say even when I was not really part. I'll be back very soon here with articles (you have given me lots of ideas). Several have been thrown into confusion by my last article, but no I don't stop, I announced over the end of the fashion blog and looks and the beginning of, I hope, a new era.

I confess that my title was a little drama, I can never resist the urge to make a good joke. And with my joke you were so many to come at the same time on the site that it almost knocked the server (the sprinkler watered as they say).

So I'll be back soon with articles and full of great projects that I can't wait to introduce you to (I'm super excited ^^), and in the meantime there are things going on behind the scenes here below ^^


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You may have noticed that I was a little more rare here these last months. You probably told you that holidays and the summer was the reason for the change suddenly, I who had never deviated from the rule of 3 articles per week in 10 years of blog. The reason is quite different…

Actually I was thinking about the direction I wanted to give this space and I needed a little time. Summer, which takes us out of our normal routine with all its change was the ideal time for I finally decided to change course, yet did I know which one to take.

The questionnaire you have been more than 1000 to be completed for the 10 years of my blog has had a big effect on me. Your remarks, question, topics that seemed to keep you heart have plunged me into a serious challenge on the way I wanted to do things for you today. I already had the intuition that there are things to change here, but your feedback made this very concrete.

I was never afraid to make big changes in my life when necessary these 10 last years, and so far I had not even thought to apply this process to this blog that I feed almost religious since way 2006. My blog was part of my weekly train train and I couldn't get out of this comfortable setting that I had created, and indeed, not like me.

When I was a teenager I was taken of passion for books of Bernard Werber, and one of his puzzles me was particularly marked :

How to connect these nine points with four strokes without lifting the pen ?

If you have never done this puzzle can be begin by trying to resolve it on a piece of paper before you continue. To see the solution hover over the image with your mouse (or well click here).

This image struck me and I never forgot it : Sometimes there are no solution to his problem because it is confined to the territory of the drawing (the square) While no one told us we didn't have the right to get out. Often, to understand a system, find solutions, Let's just out of the thought to be immutable or framework in which we are trapped without any reason. I often think when I have a problem to solve.

It is also an image that is used to help people get out of their comfort zone.

You probably see where I am getting ?

I want to bring you more than show you my look of the week and you tell my little personal anecdotes, with from time to time only a deep reflection on a topic that torments me. I want to finish with the way which I blogged here for so many years, I want to bring you more. It's over the fashion blog but the beginning of another form of blog ^^

It's actually a few months I started to deal with most topics of this blog from another angle whether in the choice of clothes for winter, My range of summer, the abandonment of the handbag, what I discovered by changing hair color, the storage. For fashion, the décor or in daily life and a whole bunch of other topics, I want to show you how we can see things differently.

I am someone who hates when something malfunctions or is not suitable for my needs. I ask myself all the time full of questions about how to change things that I find unsatisfactory, or sometimes it's at the corner of a small change, an accident that can manage to concretely change things for small or big problems of life and that excites me.

I love how technology (We see too often as a brake), experiments (successful or failed), small daily reflections, discussions, or perseverance it can find unexpected solutions, who were there lurking under a piece of furniture that you had not thought to move, We can constantly improve his life while finding it rather fun.

When you're little you discover the world through a whole bunch of experiences and I believe that I have never ceased to be this child who discovers wonders rummaging through a drawer that has finally arrived at its height.

I will therefore now present the most things through this Prism and also working on a little more than that. Alors, If you want to find with me unexpected solutions in your daily life I'd like to take you in my little adventure.

Attention, If you like the radical changes and you're rather impulsive in your way of seeing change things or are you more of a jump into the deep end without armbands you may can be bored a little dabbling with me in the shallow reflecting on how you really want to swim ^^

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I have some questions for you and ideas to offer forward first, before publishing anything on the blog ! So it's behind this little pink and white striped curtain that's going to happen in a first time : Let me your mail, I keep you in the loop ^^ backstage

I want to end with an anecdote which also marked forever how I see everyday and life in general :

My first job at l ' Oréal was quite prestigious, It was a little box of dream for many young graduates. And yet I don't feel happy, so I started to consider to leave. When a thought crossed my mind “Nan but you can't leave, the canteen she's too good”. This idea has frozen me, as if this small comfort was a reason to ignore the lack of well being that I felt. Since that day I consider that comfort can sometimes be a real danger : do not call into question an unsatisfactory situation under the pretext that she still has her dose of comfort is a through I am trying to avoid at all costs.

The important thing is to always put things in question, even the smallest.

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Combi neoprene Roxy *., short Madewell, Chelsea Jonak boots *., Nature backpack & discoveries, Asos Cap *.

During the holidays I made a change a little special level Beach and swimming : Porter a combination of surf. I could not choose best timing this summer 2016 you don & rsquo; no idea !

I'm a big chilly, the girl no fun that doesn't want to go messing in the water if it is close to barely 20 °, and that screams when we splashes it into the pool. And when I let myself be tempted, I'm shivering at the end of 5 minutes and I get out of the water, shuddering.

I me am so not bad private swimming almost always so.

And then l & rsquo; last year, like this for messing around and make fun of me as a little, My sister told me : You should bathe in surf combi. J & rsquo; did “gna gna gna” and I think more about it until this summer where I thought it would be not so bad for the Canada.

So, It is as if it was stupid because the water of the lakes we saw in Alberta were not far from being frozen : 3 or (4) brrr so not even in dream I was putting a toe.

But not bad I wore this neoprene suit because I thought it was so cool and it kept me warm. I kept a passion of the gym body just (I am seriously considering to buy me) the distant time when I did the GRS and where I was looking all Gym competitions on TV with passion. And this combi almost gave me the feeling to wear one just to the body.

And, back in France, I went to spend a few days near Bordeaux at my dad, with my sister, little fish that swim whatever the temperature of the water. And for the first time in years I went catch waves in the face on a beach at Lacanau through my suit that protected me from the cold.

I'll spare you the stunned looks of the people watching me bathe in combi (where's the Board ? What's doing in combi water ?) in full news burkini. Great timing I warned you at the beginning of article. I was super happy to finally go back bathe cursing me to have not thought of that earlier. And then I hate to burn in the Sun that I had a good half of the body protected without me spread the back of cream yay !

Voilà, This summer has been a revelation and to the cold like me I would recommend, ridicule in combi without Board at the water's edge or not ^^

I also want to show you these pictures of Maligne Lake I forgot in my article on the Canada ;)