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Relax !


When I have a problem, I am rather the sort to take care immediately now viiiite it is necessary that a solution is URGENT (and I thought that I was not stressed kind really !).

Then when I decided to take care of my problem of stress I have sought solutions to short and long term.

Short term first, because it was that I found a good way to calm me in periods where I am especially manned (If overloaded) and it occupies my mind and prevents me from sleeping. Tous my best stuff anti-insomnie do not work I'm really stressed.

I myself am so created a small ritual the days where I feel that it reached me the most. It's pretty easy to identify in fact I have a little more harm a breathe and need to inspire deeply several times per day (one of the glaring symptoms that my doctor had pointed the finger at the first time).

Warning tip of madness I have run a bath ! Scoop ! Breaking News !
Yes but I put myself in a very special atmosphere.


Relaxing atmosphere




I turn off the lights and I turn on 2-3 eucalyptus candle (for RES-ft-RER). And I creates a somewhat romantic atmosphere (I love watching the light of the candle that is reflected in the water).



I turn on app Noisly on which I put sounds foliage, the rain and the storm (storm at bottom). I balance the sound bottomed balloons on a small speaker that I take in my bathroom


I put a few drops of these essential oils “Breathe” (I discovered it in a hotel where there were samples of the product, Since I order it online, It's a little expensive but I really love)


Once I installed it, I look at the ceiling, breathing and imagining my body in water cm by cm. from the toes to the head, then I read a book while listening to the storm.

And it has become my ritual, I believe that the important thing is to be his thing in itself, with a whole bunch of reassuring elements. Drops of essential oils I almost have the impression that they are magical when I put them in my bath, have a ritual almost gives the impression that it was discovered an ancient secret to get better.

The first time I wanted to make me a bath of madness I myself am somewhat loupée, I wanted to reproduce the incredible feeling I had felt at the spa “liquid room” in Berlin in their flotation bath (in the dark with music in the water), and I poured 1 kg of salt in my bath. I have not flown and it scraped me buttocks all along : null !

After I have other genre techniques to make large puzzles (sort parts that empty head), listen to the soundtrack of little woman (It soothes me), do the coloring. But my super stormy bath is by far what makes me more good.

I barely beginning to understand how to address this problem of stress, long-term, It's going to ask me quite some work, because I will not change from one day to the next. It is my way of life has always been so it will still take a little time to learn how to better put into perspective. Deceive the enemy in my tub in all cases works pretty well at the moment.

If you have hints characters I'm interested ;)



“Madam you are stressed”


The first time that my doctor released me it I almost pouffé of laughter : “Haha me stressed ? But not at all !”. Then he said that I had a little all the signs but that good if I felt not stressed then everything was fine.

And then I told it joked to my guy at night and it is he who has laughed in turn telling me that “Haha you stressed ? But yes so !”. Two people on the same day it began to not hurt, a doctor who is skilled in the art and my guy who sees me on a daily basis it was worthwhile to be listened.

So I was stressed without knowing ? Or without realising ? I have read several articles on the subject, consulted the list of symptoms and realised that I was completely stressed out.

I had this image of the stressed person : people in finance who speak to multiple phones at the same time in the cartoons (or as Phoebe, who suffered a heart attack), sleepless parents and overwhelmed by their unsustainable kids, that makes anxiety attacks and that hyperventile before a meeting… All these images of caricatured so, in which I don't myself of course not at all.

Me who works quietly at home or in my nice office, that is certainly very addictive but I enormously like work, who sleeps little but to have time to devote to my hobbies (role-playing game, puzzle, calligraphy, etc… stuff rather cool in short). I didn't have the impression of entering the stress box while I was completely.

It is more difficult to see when you are busy and that is what you love. While true when I think I am stressed out someone has always :

When I was young I felt of not knowing what I wanted to do later and be unemployed when I grow. In my studies I had in turn afraid to not be accepted in S, do not have my bin with mention, to not be accepted in preparation, not having school, do not have my degree and finally do not find work. Everything is top of the class problems since always happened perfectly for me, because I worked as a sick (the stress was clearly my engine).

Then, I've never been unemployed in my life, but I have always stressed do not find a job whenever I wanted to go elsewhere. And when I installed freelance I anxious each month to the idea do not earn enough to live. Always of the class problems when I think.

And since I have my box I fear a little (but less, haha progress !) the idea of not being able to pay all the world. While it comes out well and there is no reason that it prevents me from sleeping as it is the case today.


But that's stupid these preconceptions that it is still somewhat worrying situations and which prevent us to see clearly (kinda like people who think being alcoholic is drinking alone being red and ugly).

The good news is that when finally identified his problem (or lift the veil top) We can finally heal :D


Martine casterman

Martine at the circus *. – Casterman

I posted This photo of books Martine on my instagram account last week, and the reactions have been surprised me (wow I totally reverses the buzzfeed the madness tracks).

I had just got these a few books press officer Casterman which bump with my boyfriend at this time and to whom I had given my absolute love for Martine. Martine is throughout my childhood, I was reading in my grandparents who had them all (Finally this is what I thought, It was in fact published a year of 1954 to 2010).

Then when some of you have bitched that was hyper sexist I me am questioned, because it is not at all the memory that I.

For me Martine was super little girl who was about : painting, bike, dance, DIY, cooking. And it seemed to me that she was not really locked in his role as little girl all the time.

I remembered that there was a 50's at this level footprint, but already child, I realized and if it was sometimes DIY for Jean and Martine kitchen (When it celebrates its anniversary for example) It was mainly associated with the time. Martine is therefore not particularly sexist, but the reflection of a different era, It is important to keep it in mind or to clarify if one reads it with a child.





Martine at the fairground *. – Casterman

Provided, I understand that young modern moms would like to show something else their little girls, that is not the dance for girls and football for boys. I'm 3000% behind this idea. Myself, child, I preferred to play at small cars as the Barbies and ado I most wanted to become an engineer as schoolteacher (I had the chance to be rather tight shots).

Du you want to show a feminine different model to your children, but you're still attached to Martine and that it poses a problem, I recommend that there : Martine at the circus.

It is strange because it is one of the oldest Martine (It dates from 1956) but this is one of the nicest at the levels. Martine is turn by turn bike Acrobat, Balancing Act, Trainer of horses, sorceress, Lion Tamer, It assumes all roles.

And then that there's a little on the side of Disney in the drawing and with the animals in the circus. I also really like more this style of illustrations to paint for Martine than that found in the years 70-80 pencil of color that were less well aged according to me (as there).








Martine with his suit's Mr Loyal <3 and the lions very Disney at that time


In the first few pages there is even this text : “Martine file to change. Behind the scenes, There are beautiful costumes : dresses with Ruffles, ribbons, jackets of all colors… – I'll be able to dress me as I want to… And even makeup me ! You too chubby”

That I find really good so it opens the field of possibilities from the outset.

Suddenly if you like Martine, do not deprive you no longer, just flip through the front, There are some who have not taken a ride and that save us Knight boys and girls in Princess and those there remain my favorite (Martine boat is very nice, she visits the engine room and dream of her dressed as a cow boy). You will see that the oldest Martine of the years 50 pose enough little problem (It's more in the years 60-70 that is bof bof), and from the years 80 also everything is fine.

Marcel Marlier illustration are so beautiful, It would be a shame to Miss…



Martine boat

Martine boat *. – Casterman