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The magical dress (7)

I don't wear this dress on special occasions. In Cannes it has become my little gimmick, I wear it every time without any shame. I also reach a wedding barefoot on the beach.

I have understood this year that in fact, It was magic. This little dress has an own existence, She is bewitching. People return on its passage where cannot s ’ prevent mark downtime when it passes in front of them. And it's rather nice to be that the door.

I swear to you, I never notice when you look at me, but with this dress it all the time.

Now that I look back, It is she who chose me. I tried it at Antik Batik, who agreed to lend me a dress the first time that I went to Cannes. When I threaded it in the cabin, I didn't even watch other, I was as enthralled, It was the dress.

I hear people compliment in whispering, This year I even heard a “whoaou ca is the dress”. It creates a fragrance of admiration on his visit this small seductress.

I just added. It is very disturbing when I the door, I'm not used to attract as much attention usually, It therefore makes me all funny that it looks at me so. But I know that it is this cute dress people look, dazzled that they are by the thousands of sequins that the blind and sends hearts in the eyes with its superpower.

It is the shoes of Dorothy in version neckline dress, It transports me to another world where I am no longer the same.

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Splash !


Credit photo wildfox

I do not know how old you were when the film splash was released but me has haunted my dreams of gamine. I had to see it when it is passed to French television I had to have 5-6 years old.

We put the salt in the bath with my sister to the sea. And when a few years later came the Little Mermaid Disney film that made us maboules… Both sirens icons in the years 80, now that I think about it does not surprise me that they are both fashionable lately.

I don't know why it still much fascinated me me who am unable to put a toe in cold water :D











My finds from San Francisco

San francisco shopping-4

Book / Box Cinderella

When I travel I always hyper want to bring lots of things. In Paris I do more shopping, ever, I buy everything online. I never find the time on weekdays because I have too much work and the weekend is out of the question that I impose the horrible atmosphere of crowded stores.

While the travel, I have some time, want to discover the city, so I also stores. And thats that, as I told you it yesterday, I filled my cabin block.

I do not know how I managed, the instinct I know not, but all was stack hair, He had not one farts place free. Yippee.

So my collectibles of San Francisco


Disney Family Museum


Book / Box Cinderella

I did some shopping at the disney family museum (I don't looove the Museum but the shop was cool). And the moment where I regretted not having more room in my luggage back is when I came across these boxes book Disney. There were Cinderella, Blanche Neige and Fantasia which made me really eye. And I chosen Cinderella. Returning to paris I looked everywhere and I have not found great thing : Cinderella here on amazon (but it was only a copy) and White snow here on ebay.



I bought it mainly for the book/box but there is also pretty maps indoors ^^

San francisco shopping-13

And then inevitably I could not resist these pin's owls…


Urban Outfitters

San francisco shopping-15

New stars of my bathroom : Jasmine oil and powder coconut

I've resisted everything except these beauty products really cools. I had a bath in my apartment and This bath at the coco powder me too attempted. same for this small Jasmine oil which smells divinely good and I layered the hands during the return flight to feel well.




San francisco shopping-12

Decomposition book, matches Burnin' for you

The lovely shop of mission district including Jordan had spoken to me telling me “You'll see you'll want to buy everything”. Et elle avait raison, I was there so I bought that essential things : a decomposition book book because I love them and these matches to have finally pretty on my coffee table next to my candles.




San francisco shopping-14

It is in San Francisco on my last trip I had discovered the brand. Once again it is Jordan who told me that I would like (It seems to read in me as in an open book). This is clearly too expensive for what it is but I love their T-shirts and jewellery that I always put up to wear.